COE hosts faculty EDtalks

January 24, 2018

COE hosts faculty EDtalks

On January 24, 2018, eleven College of Education faculty members were featured in the college’s EDtalks: Scholarship Worth Sharing event. Coordinated by Mary Bair (Educational Foundations) and Beomkyu Choi (Literacy and Technology), the event was structured to mimic the structure of TED talks, with each 5-minute presentation providing a brief overview of faculty projects or research.

The presentations included:

  • Kelly Margot - Teacher Self-Efficacy for STEM Talent Development
  • David Bair - Teachers as Public Intellectuals
  • Gabriela Gui - Sustainable Models for School Leadership
  • Erica Hamilton - Moms & Daughters Read Together: The Story of a Local Book Club
  • Lisa Perhamus & Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury - Topophilia: Resisting Gentrification through Place-Based Schooling
  • Daisy Fredricks - Youth Voices from the Classroom: Consejos for Educators of Immigrant High School Students
  • Elizabeth Stolle - Swedish Sabbatical: Living and Learning
  • Roger Wilson - Grade Inequality
  • Nancy DeFrance - Faculty Learning Labs
  • Darrien Ripple - Maryland Equity & Inclusion Leadership Program
  • Nagnon Diarrassouba - Franco Arab Schools and Challenges of Bilingualism: What Curricula and What Pedagogies?

The event was attended by College of Education faculty and staff, with additional guests from Kirkhof College of Nursing. Dean Barry Kanpol stated that he “would like to see it become an annual event, providing faculty with a space to showcase their work and research.”


Editor’s Note: The EDtalks event is an independent event coordinated by the College of Education is not affiliated with TED, TEDx, TED-Ed, or CORE Education Ltd.

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