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Students Excel at Education Summer Camp

July 21, 2020

Students Excel at Education Summer Camp

Twenty-eight students from Battle Creek Central High School participated in an online camp throughout June to explore careers in education.

Exploring Careers in Education and Leadership (ExCEL) was a three-week, online summer camp experience that provided incoming-12th grade Battle Creek Central High School students with an introduction to the world of education. Scholars participated in activities that provided real-world experience in teaching local youth.

While the camp was originally planned to be an on-site experience, COVID-19 required the group to transform into a completely remote, at-home summer camp. Each camp participant received a "kit" with camp materials to facilitate learning at-home, as well as connect with GVSU camp faculty and staff through Google Classroom.

Program activities included exploring the college admissions process in preparation for senior year at Battle Creek Central.  Camp participants also created a video utilizing Project-Based Learning and Culturally Responsive Teaching principles to share Advice to Educators in the community.

 “The YouTube video we created with the ExCEL students allows them to share advice with educators based on their own experiences in schools,” said Kelly Margot, an Assistant Professor in Teaching and Learning who served as an ExCEL instructor. “These seniors at Battle Creek Central High School worked throughout the camp to learn more about best practices in teaching, like project-based learning and culturally responsive teaching.” These are key parts of GVSU’s teacher preparation program, and gave the students an understanding of what it means to be a teacher.

Additional GVSU faculty and staff that led the program instruction and coordination included Matthew Bozzo (GVSU Career Navigator), Kevin Holohan (Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations), Melissa Pierczynski (Program Coordinator), Paula Lancaster (Professor in Teaching and Learning), and Kristy Martin (Office Coordinator). GVSU’s President Philomena V. Mantella and Sherril Soman (Dean of the College of Education) were also able to join the camp on their last day to engage with the students.

This summer camp was part of the Battle Creek educational partnership, a continuing collaboration between the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek Public Schools, and Grand Valley State University College of Education.


View the student-created YouTube Video  Advice for Educators.

Article photo shows the Battle Creek Central High School students participating in a Zoom conversation during the camp.

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