Six COE Faculty Awarded

February 01, 2018

Six COE Faculty Awarded

At GVSU's Faculty Awards Convocation on February 1, 2018, six College of Education faculty members were presented with awards for their service and excellence in teaching:

  • Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury, Ph.D. — 2018 Outstanding University Service Award from Pew Awards for Excellence
  • David Bair, Ed.D. — 2018 Outstanding University Service Award from University Awards for Excellence
  • Shawn Bultsma, Ph.D. — 2018 Pew Teaching Excellence Award from Pew Awards for Excellence; and 2018 Steward Award from Michigan College Access Network
  • Rosemary Cleveland, Ph.D. — 2018 Pew Teaching with Technology Award from Pew Awards for Excellence
  • Erica Hamilton, Ph.D. — 2018 Distinguished Early Career Scholar Award from Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
  • Liz Storey, M.Ed. — 2018 Outstanding Community Service Award from University Awards for Excellence

Details about each honoree and the significance of their award are below.


2018 Burch, Jacobs & Moore Diversity Teaching Excellence Award
Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury, Ph.D.

Assistant  Professor in Educational Foundations; joined GVSU in 2013
Pew Awards for Excellence

Bailey-Fakhoury was awarded with the 2018 Outstanding University Service Award from Grand Valley's Pew Awards for Excellence.

The Burch, Jacobs & Moore Diversity Teaching Excellence Award was established to recognize faculty from across the University whose teaching advances/encourages inclusive excellence within the Grand Valley community. The award is named for the first graduates of color at Grand Valley who completed their studies in 1967: Joan Burch, Annie Jacobs, and James Moore. This award also celebrates the ways in which Grand Valley values inclusiveness as a significant part of the University’s fabric. Recipiants demonstrate a commitment to diversity and provides clear support of inclusion throughout their teaching.

Bailey-Fakhoury's commitment to inclusive excellence spans the Grand Valley and West Michigan communities. In her teaching and scholarship, she focuses on intentional inquiry related to cultural proficiency. A servant-leader in the field of education, she generously shares time and expertise by organizing, participating in, and facilitating panels, workshops, and discussions that focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity. She is a role model in sparking engagement with diverse identities, perspectives, people, and ideas on Grand Valley's campus. She also has been active in TRIO and with Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Bailey-Fakhoury contributes substantially to the climate of inclusion at the University as her teaching activities have fostered awareness about diversity issues and promoted cultural competence within her students. In the university, she serves as a mentor in the Niara Program through GVSU's Office of Multicultural Affairs, which helps female students of color connect and build meaningful relationships in the community. Bailey-Fakhoury also serves as an editorial board member for two journals: the Journal of Urban Teaching, Learning, & Research (an American Educational Research Association- Special Interest Group), and the Michigan Council for the Social Studies Journal, as well as a reviewer for the American Sociological Association's Sociology of Race & Ethnicity journal. Currently, Bailey-Fakhoury is researching how mother-daughter relations can expand our understanding of the bi-directional nature of gendered racial socialization.


2018 Outstanding University Service Award
David Bair, Ed.D.

Professor in Educational Foundations, joined GVSU in 1997
University Awards for Excellence

During the 1999-2000 academic year, President Arend D. Lubbers authorized an annual Outstanding University Service Award. This award provides commendation and cash to a deserving faculty member or members at the Faculty Awards Convocation, held the first Thursday in February.

Bair is recognized for his significant service to Grand Valley State University at the unit, college, and university level. He has been instrumental in creating international relationships with the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and providing leadership as the Director of the Center for Educational Partnerships. Bair helped create the Educational Foundations program that included the development of additional courses, alignment with national standards for accreditation, and recruitment/retention of new and talented faculty. In addition to serving on the University Academic Senate and the Executive Committee of the Senate, he has participated in many seminars and campus-wide discussions on culture, diversity, and inclusion. His colleagues make special note of his integrity and commitment to active participation in the community, recognizing him as an exemplary faculty member, leader, advocate, and colleague

In addition to teaching in the College of Education's Educational Foundations department, Bair also serves as the 2017-2018 Interim Unit Head for Education Foundations. In the Center for Educational Partnerships, Bair supports three grants for the Groundswell initiative that provides ongoing professional development work with area teachers, as well as serving as the PI for the Baldwin Foundation grant. Bair is actively involved in the College of Education in the Colleagues Advisory Committee, COE Marketing task force, the Dean's Leadership Team, and on program development for place-based education and the Grand Rapids Public Schools.


2018 Pew Teaching Excellence Award
Shawn Bultsma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Educational Leadership and Counseling; joined GVSU in 2005
Pew Awards for Excellence

The Pew Teaching Excellence Award offers GVSU faculty an opportunity to celebrate the work of their peers as teachers who inspire our students across the disciplines. This award is presented to faculty who use multiple approaches in classroom instruction and evaluation, stimulate intellectual curiosity in students, and demonstrate commitment to student learning.

Bultsma educates future school counselors in the College of Education's School Counseling (M.Ed.) program. Within the program he develops curriculum, bridging state requirements and community needs. His emphasis on inclusive excellence includes securing a grant focused on place based education from the Michigan Career Access Network. Additionally, he was awarded a grant from the GVSU Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence to implement a community-based learning project, so GVSU students could better understand the needs of historically underrepresented K-12 students. Colleagues and students celebrate his thoughtful approach. According to one student, "He is not solely a professor but a mentor. He teaches with joy, energy, humor, and enthusiasm." He works to ensure that every student in the School Counseling program is supported and mentored through close faculty-to-student mentoring.

2018 Steward Award: Creating College Access Talent
Shawn Bultsma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Educational Leadership and Counseling; joined GVSU in 2005
Michigan College Access Network 

Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) values the professional development of individuals working in the college access field – including high school counselors and college advisors. By supporting a well-trained sector, MCAN aims to increase the number of students enrolling in, persisting through and completing postsecondary education in order to hit the Big Goal – 60 percent by 2025. The recipient of this award is an individual or organization that has dramatically contributed to increasing the skills, talent andknowledge of college access professionals in Michigan. 


2018 Pew Teaching with Technology Award
Rosemary Cleveland, Ph.D.

Senior Affiliate Faculty in Teaching and Learning; joined GVSU in 2002
Pew Awards for Excellence

The Pew Teaching with Technology Award was established to recognize faculty who use technology in innovative ways. Using many novel instructional technologies throughout her courses, Cleveland teaches with technology in ways that are pedagogically sound. She provides vital leadership on campus, mentoring faculty and students in their use of educational technology. Whether engaging in virtual field trips, teaching students to use SMART boards, or sharing instructional technology expertise at conferences and workshops or with College of Education faculty, she educates with enthusiasm. Cleveland implements resources and provides online, webinar-style material for her students, and has shared many of her teaching strategies through the Big Byte technology sessions. She is an expert at imparting knowledge and skills in helping others to integrate multiple technology platforms with reflective teaching, focus on student needs, and modeling of sound pedagogies.


2018 CSCE Distinguished Early Career Scholar Award
Erica Hamilton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Literacy and Technology; joined GVSU in 2014
CSCE Awards for Scholarly and Creative Excellence

The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence's Distinguished Early Career Scholar Award honors remarkable investigators at Grand Valley State University who began their independent scholarship within the past six years. These scholars demonstrate mastery in their field and show significant potential for continued success. The award recipients have made major contributions to theory, research and creative practice, and they have earned national recognition for their outstanding achievements. In addition to the honor of being designated a CSCE Distinguished Early Career Scholar, recipients of the Award are given an award of $500.

With a scholarly agenda informed by her background as a K-12 educator, much of Hamilton's research is conducted in the field, providing important insights into pre-service teacher education, literacy, and technology. A highly collaborative scholar, Hamilton and two colleagues published the first peer-reviewed analysis and critique of the Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition model, widely used in many K-12 contexts, and ground breaking in educational technology. Undergraduate and graduate students routinely praise Hamilton's excellence in teaching; and a colleague stated her work "ranks in the top 10 percent of all of our faculty."

Leverages technology to support student learning is a philosophy at the heart of Erica Hamilton's teaching in the College of Education. She knowledgeably and skillfully designs experiences for students who are learning to be teachers themselves. In this complex arena, she builds relationships and connects new knowledge with existing expertise. Colleagues note that she is a leader in her college and on campus. Students appreciate her passion, enthusiasm, and willingness to help them apply what they are learning in their own classrooms.


2018 Outstanding Community Service Award
Liz Storey, M.Ed.

Assistant Professor in Teaching and Learning, joined GVSU in 1987
University Awards for Excellence

During the 1999-2000 academic year, President Arend D. Lubbers authorized an annual Outstanding Community Service Award. The Outstanding Community Service Award recognizes Storey’s community service and leadership in her fields of Teacher Education and Literacy.

Storey is recognized for the service she provides to the Grand Valley State University and Kent County communities. Storey created and serves as a co-chair for the Celebrate Literacy Conference at Grand Valley, and actively works with the Michigan Literacy Project to support literacy in P-12 classrooms. She served as a committee member on the Grandville Avenue Neighborhood Library Service Project for six years. She planned the governor's signing of the March is Reading Month proclamation in 2000, 2001, and 2002, and she coordinated the Michigan Legislative Book Distribution for Reading Aloud to Children. Storey has spoken at the Community Literacy Summit and has served as a board member for the Sleeping Bear Press Literacy Foundation of Michigan. Throughout the current academic year, Storey presents at many conferences, teacher councils, local ISDs, district in-services, and at the Big Bye technology sessions. Her commitment to integrating education with a sense of community has had an inspiring effect on everyone around her.

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