Top educator practices 'revolutionize' teaching of students with disabilities 

July 06, 2017

Top educator practices 'revolutionize' teaching of students with disabilities 

In June, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development Accountability and Reform (CEEDAR) released 22 high-leverage practices in special education at a gathering in Chicago.

Grand Valley State University's College of Education is featured in an article discussing how the College of Education has adopted high-leverage practices. Dr. Paula Lancaster, professor and director of teacher education at Grand Valley, was among those interviewed in the article.

"Some components are intuitive, and some others may be more challenging," said Lancaster. "We look at what gives our candidates the most trouble when they are in the field and [say,] let's really be focused on practicing those specific things before they reach children. It's less talking about teaching, more doing teaching. But it's also being really systematic in how we lay out the practice opportunities."

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