BigByte Session highlights Video-based Technology

February 01, 2017

BigByte Session highlights Video-based Technology

Throughout the academic year, the College of Education’s Technology Committee sponsors free, on-going technology-based professional development sessions called “BigBytes,” open to all staff and faculty. The most recent BigByte session, which took place on January 30, 2017, featured four presenters who shared how to use video-based technology to observe and support K-12 and college-level teaching and learning. COE affiliate faculty, Dr. Rosemary Cleveland, and COE field coordinator, Russ Barneveld, shared how they use video-based technology to observe student teachers in their K-12 placement classrooms. “Using video allows student teachers to capture teaching and learning at any time, which is especially helpful when they want my feedback on a lesson but I can’t be there in person,” Russ shared during his presentation. Dr. Cleveland explained how she uses video observations, in addition to face-to-face teaching observations, to support her student teachers’ reflection and learning. “Whey they use video to capture their teaching, student teachers have additional opportunities to observe themselves and their students, which encourages them to reflect more deeply on their developing pedagogy and practice.” 

Additional presentations by GVSU’s Digital Media Developer, Justin Melick offered attendees opportunities to learn more about how to use specific tools, such as Swivls and GVSU’s Ensemble website to capture and share classroom-based videos. “We want to support COE faculty and staff to use available video technology to capture, assess and reflect on classroom teaching and learning, whether it’s in a K-12 classroom or a GVSU class they teach,” explains Erica Hamilton, assistant professor of education and COE Technology Committee Chairperson. Explaining the value of these BigByte sessions, Hamilton added, “The purpose of each BigByte session is to learn about and model best practices when it comes to integrating technology to support teaching and learning.”

The next COE BigByte session, scheduled for Monday, February 13, 2017 is titled, “Weebly What?” and features two COE faculty who are using the website to capture and showcase student learning. For more information about this or any other upcoming COE BigByte, contact GVSU's Instructional Designer, Kim Kenward: .

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