LiveText Cooperating Mentor Teachers FAQs


LiveText is no longer required for GVSU College of Education students. As announced in March 2020, the College of Education is discontinuing our use of LiveText, the college's assessment and e-portfolio system. Grand Valley State University is adopting a central assessment system, Blackboard Learn, with plans to implement in Fall 2020. Please see our website News announcement for additional information.

On this page you will find cooperating mentor teacher information on the LiveText assessment and ePortfolio system. Scroll down or click on the following links to jump directly to a specific section:

DISCLAIMER: Grand Valley State University’s College of Education makes every effort possible to provide information that is accurate and reflects the active policies and procedures of the College of Education. However, information shared on this page is subject to change at any time by appropriate action of the College of Education.

What is LiveText?

The College of Education is dedicated to ensuring we collect data on our courses and use this information to continuously improve our programs’ excellence. As part of this process, we use to collect assessments from instructors, students, and cooperating mentor teachers.

  • LiveText will post assessments each semester, and you will be asked to complete them by the end of the semester for the College of Education.
  • While not all courses have associated assessments, you are required to complete any available assessments.
  • Near the end of each semester, you should receive timely email reminders sent to the email address that is registered with your LiveText account. The deadline for completing all assessments coincides with the deadline for submitting end of term grades.

LiveText Account

1) If you are serving as a Cooperating Mentor Teacher for a GVSU student, the College of Education will send a cooperating mentor teacher account to your school/district email address. You should receive this email a few weeks before the end of the placement, which will provide you with time to complete the assessments before the end of our semester. These assessments review the GVSU student’s performance in your classroom and provide the College of Education with quantitative data on the performance of our students. This allows the college to identify areas for improvement within our programs. 

If you did not receive the account email, please contact Alex Jacobsson at . The LiveText account activation email is sent directly from LiveText and should read as follows:

Email Subject: Your Field Experience Mentor Account

Thank you for agreeing to be a field experience mentor. You have been added to a list of available mentors and will be notified when a placement is made. During this placement, assessments and other activities will be managed through an online application called LiveText.
To log in, go to, and enter the following username and password:
     User name: [YOUR USERNAME… this will be customized for your account.]
     Password: [YOUR PASSWORD… this will be customized for your account.]
Thank you for the contributions you will make to your mentee's professional development.”

2) Visit, and enter your login information in the top-right corner of the LiveText screen.

3) The first time you visit, you will be asked to select a security question. This is added in case you ever forget your username and/or password and need helping logging in. Your LiveText username will never change, but you have the OPTION to change the password by:

4) Clicking “My Account” in the upper right corner

5) Clicking “Change Password.” You will be asked to enter the old password first, then to enter and confirm the new password you created.

Reset Account/Forgotten Password

If you need to reset your LiveText Password, visit . There, you can enter the email address your account was registered to (typically your school email address), and LiveText will send you a link to access your account and reset your password.

When are assessments available?

Most course assessments in LiveText are collected toward the end of the semester, so course assessments may not appear in LiveText until the middle of each semester. For each semester, this means course assessments for cooperating mentor teachers will be posted:

  • Mid-February (approximately Feb. 14th) for Winter courses.
  • End of May (approximately May 30th) for Spring courses and 12-Week Spring/Summer courses.
  • Early July (approximately July 8th) for Summer courses.
  • Mid-October (approximately October 14th) for Fall courses.

These dates may fluctuate some each semester, and faculty may request to have assessments posted in LiveText earlier if needed.

Midterm Evaluations

The midterm evaluation form is a Word document included in your Cooperating Teacher packet: you should have received this from your student or field coordinator. The midterm evaluation is not on LiveText. The midterm evaluation narrative should be completed in written form, with a hard copy submitted to your teacher prep candidate or given to the field supervisor to bring to the office. Or the form can be mailed directly to: GVSU College of Education, 401 Fulton St. W, 388C Richard M. DeVos Center, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

LiveText is typically used for final assessments and folios at the end of the semester. You will receive an email late in the semester to provide you with the link and information about completing LiveText final assessments.

When should Assessments be Completed?


Midterms to be completed in:

Final assessments to be completed in:

Fall Semesters (September - December)


End of November or early December

Winter Semesters (January - April)

End of February or early March

End of April

Statement on MDE Survey

Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requires cooperating mentor teachers to complete documentation when working with students in field placements. The requirements include the following:

1. The College of Education is required to submit a field placement roster each semester to MDE. This roster includes detailed information for the placements and be used to verify that all students have completed their required field experience. All cooperating mentor teachers will now be listed on the roster and the following information will be provided to MDE:

  • · The GVSU student’s name, university ID number, and program information.
  • · The GVSU Field Coordinator’s Last Name.
  • · The K-12 Cooperating Mentor Teacher’s Full Name.
  • · The Cooperating Mentor Teacher’s school E-mail address.

2. All cooperating mentors teachers are now required to complete a state survey administered by MDE. This Mentor Teacher survey is expected to be implemented at the end of each Fall and Winter semester. The anticipated dates for completing the survey are November 1 to December 31 (for Fall semesters) and April 1 to May 30 (for Winter/Spring semesters). These dates will vary based on MDE’s ability to release the survey.

As a cooperating mentor teacher for College of Education, you are required to complete the survey for MDE. The survey will ask for your perception of how GVSU students perform in your classroom. Note that this survey is an additional evaluation for the state, and the assessments in LiveText must also be completed for the College of Education. As we have provided MDE with your school email address, you should receive an official email from MDE with information on the survey. This email should arrive near the end of the semester.

Cooperating Teacher Handbooks

In addition to GVSU’s LiveText Cooperating Mentor Teacher User Guide PDF, the College of Education also provides PDF copies of the Cooperating Teacher Handbooks on our website.

The Handbooks are used by Cooperating Teachers during our Teacher Assisting and Student Teaching field experience courses. If have questions about the material in the handbook or need additional copies of forms, please contact the Teacher Education Office directly at (616) 331-6290.