College of Education Scholarships

  • College of Education Scholarships page - includes descriptions of the many scholarships offered by the College of Education and instructions on how to access the online Scholarship Application.

Graduate Practicum (626, 685, 687, 689), Project (693), Thesis (695), Educational Specialist (EDL 770)

Graduate Studies

Independent Study Contract

Travel Forms - Fill Out on Computer and Print:

Current GVSU travel policy, procedures, and reimbursement forms that Field Coordinators will need are listed below:

Mileage Reimbursement Excel Form

Miscellaneous Reimbursement Excel Form

Direct Deposit Setup PDF Form

NOTE: The Travel and Expense Form should be completed and turned into your Academic Department Coordinator monthly to ensure you receive reimbursement for mileage in a timely manner.

All current Travel and Expense forms are also downloadable on GVSU Travel and Expense Reimbursement.

PDF Instructions

To view the PDF documents, you will need to use Adobe Reader (using Adobe Reader prevents tab order errors and other inconveniences present in browser-based PDF readers).

Waiver/Appeal Form