Coronavirus COVID-19 and GVSU Education Programs

Information on this page will be updated as events develop. This page provides information and answers to frequently asked questions about the teacher education programs and graduate education programs at Grand Valley State University during the Corona COVID-19 situation.

Please also see GVSU's Main Coronavirus Information page for all university-wide information related to classes and advising.


Keep calm and wash your hands.
Keep calm and wash your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Coronavirus COVID-19 Questions

Question Answer
Advising Appointments

All College of Education advising appointments now meet virtually. This can be through phone or an online/remote learning platform, as arranged with your advisor.

  • To schedule an advising appointment, please look up your College of Education faculty advisor in the Faculty Directory, and email them directly to schedule a virtual advising appointment. 
  • See GVSU's Who is my Advisor? page for instructions on identifying your faculty advisor. All students in a College of Education program should have an assigned faculty advisor from the College of Education.

As of 3/17/2020, most College of Education staff are working online as our physical offices are closed. Please email the Student Information and Services Center if you have any questions. We are happy to help! 

As a student, what can I be doing to continue my learning?

GVSU students are expected to stay connected to faculty virtually through remote teaching and to engage in courses as directed by faculty.

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Do I need to be available during my regularly scheduled GV class time for remote teaching?
  • GVSU classes are being offered using remote teaching beginning the week of March 16, 2020, until further notice. 
  • Instructors will contact their students directly with the plan for moving forward.
  • If the instructor is holding a synchronous/virtual classroom session, it will be held during their regularly scheduled course or seminar time. Other modules, assignments, and resources will be posted online for students to complete within a given timeline.
  • Please keep in mind that if you are thinking about adjusting your work or personal schedule during this time, you are responsible for attending classes that may be scheduled to meet remotely during regularly assigned class time. 
ESL and Special Education Placements?

For students who were about to begin their ESL (English as a Second Language) placement or Special Education endorsement field placement, what does this pause in placements mean? We are currently in communication with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). Please wait for further notice. Students will be contacted via email promptly as soon as we receive guidance from the MDE.

Events and Meetings?
  • All events and meetings that are scheduled should be hosted virtually or rescheduled, until further notice.
  • Please check GVSU's Main Coronavirus Information page for updates on the university's plan for on-campus and virtual events and classes.
  • If an event or meeting needs to be converted to a virtual event or rescheduled, the College of Education will communicate via email with all involved as soon as we are able.
Field Placements?

The College of Education is in daily talks with school districts, the Michigan Department of Education, and university leadership to discuss options for Field Placements in Fall 2020. As events develop around COVID-19, GVSU will abide by all health guidelines. This includes optimal conditions for social distancing, sanitation and health check protocols. We will provide information to students enrolled in field placements as soon as we are able.

  • An interruption to your field experience due to coronavirus and/or a state of emergency will NOT impact your grade in field placements.
  • All face-to-face instruction in P-12 schools in Michigan is discontinued until further notice, per Governor Whitmer's stay-at-home order on 3/23/20 and school closure order on 4/2/2020. 
  • As of 3/13/2020, the COE does not anticipate students will be required to extend field placements beyond the current semester schedule, as your field experience to date meets the minimum requirement of days in the classroom for either teacher assisting or student teacher.
Graduation in April?

Per President Mantella's email 3/17/20, April 2020 commencement ceremonies are postponed.

  • This does not impact your ability to receive your degree.
  • April 2020 commencement ceremonies are currently being rescheduled for Saturday, October 10, 2020. This date is contingent on the ability to hold large events per state regulations in October. Graduates may also participate in the fall semester ceremony on December 12, 2020. Graduates will need to complete an RSVP indicating in their selected ceremony. More information is available at
  • Please see GVSU's Commencement page for updates and details, and GVSU's Main Coronavirus Information page for updates on all university business and policies.
How are principals and school districts being notified?

A letter was sent to all principals/school administrators on 3/12/2020 alerting them to GVSU’s current policy regarding Covid-19. The College of Education will stay in contact with principals/school administrators as plans develop.

Interviews for Fall 2020 Placements?

Some students may have already received information about their tentative Fall 2020 field placement, and have an interview scheduled with their mentor teacher or building administrator. Others may be notified of their field placement over the next few weeks and while P-12 schools are closed. GVSU students should refrain from reaching out to their prospective mentor teacher until directed to do so by your Placement Specialist at GVSU. GVSU students should respect and understand that P-12 educators are navigating multiple needs and priorities focused on their students at this time.

Materials from a P-12 classroom?

If you have borrowed materials from a P-12 classroom that you wish to return, please coordinate with your cooperating teacher to see if you may return materials.

MTTC Test Canceled
  • If your MTTC Test (Michigan Test for Teacher Certification) is canceled, you will receive an email cancellation and instructions to reschedule your test. Please allow 1–3 days for the test to show as available for reschedule in your testing account. Once available, you may reschedule your test as best fits your needs. No fees will be incurred for rescheduling your appointment.
  • Please note you do not need to pass the MTTC content area tests to graduate from Grand Valley State University: you are only required to pass the tests in order to be certified to teach through the Michigan Department of Education. You do not need to pass the tests prior to graduation.
  • Additional information and study guides are available on our website on our MTTC Information page.
Seminars for the College of Education?

Seminars are being offered through remote teaching beginning March 16, 2020, until further notice.

Spring 2020/Summer 2020 Courses?

Grand Valley’s decisions on when to return to face-to-face instruction are evolving as the COVID-19 situation develops. All Spring/Summer 2020 Courses are being taught through remote teaching:

Courses from May 4 through August 4 (Spring – 1st 6 weeks/Summer – 2nd 6 weeks, and Spring/Summer – full 12 weeks)

  • All courses will be offered remotely or online (no face-to-face instruction)
  • All study abroad programs are cancelled
  • Experiential education programs (internships, co-ops, clinicals, etc.) have not been cancelled. Students may register for these courses. Experiences that can be conducted remotely can progress regardless of the current health-related conditions. For in-person experiences, students should be aware that they may need to drop their spring term internship and take it in the summer term—or take an Incomplete and complete the bulk of their internship hours in the latter part of the summer into fall. Additionally, it is possible that in-person spring/summer internships may be cancelled at some point prior to the start of the semester if conditions in the state dictate (i.e. another executive order from the Governor; public health warnings; etc).
University Counseling Services?

Students seeking counseling and support services can access the University Counseling Center's page for assisting with COVID-19 stress and mental health. Please take care of yourself!

When will the COE provide updates?

Given that this is a rapidly evolving event, the university is aware of how challenging this is and is doing everything we can to provide the most up-to-date information in a timely manner.


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