Student 2 Steward

Student is working on an assignment (photo).

Student is working on an assignment (photo).

Students are working on an assignment (photo).

Service Projects That Inspire

Student 2 Steward (S2S) is a series of online learning modules focused on helping educators create engaging, high-quality, place-based service learning projects for K-12 students. S2S provides educators with a step-by-step process for developing community-based stewardship projects. These projects help students see a link between classroom learning and their lives outside of school. Demonstrating this link improves student engagement and success. Educators will learn to:

  • Create a high-quality stewardship project that adheres to state standards
  • Identify community partners to assist with carrying out a project
  • Develop strategies to raise funds for your student project

These projects allow students to gain content knowledge and become more active citizens. They will learn first-hand how to make a difference in their communities. Educators will help inspire students to be stewards so they will inspire the world to be a better place.

To complete the modules, or for more information, please visit

S2S is funded through a grant provided by the Great Lakes Fishery Trust and is a collaboration between Grand Valley State University's College of Education and Groundswell.

Student is on a field collecting items (photo).

Students put in boxes things that they dug with a shovel (photo).

Students are standing on a grass field where they work on a project (photo).

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