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Groundswell is a coalition of community partners that creates opportunities for place-based environmental learning for students throughout West Michigan. Groundswell’s work in the community focuses on engaging students, building partnerships, and supporting educators. Groundswell empowers teachers and students to become environmental stewards through collaborations with local organizations that promote the learning of academic content and problem-solving skills.

Groundswell employs service learning to provide opportunities for young people to investigate local environmental issues and decide on the best course of action to resolve the challenges each issue presents. Service learning through Groundswell engages students in civic action in their own backyards.

Currently comprised of more than 35 businesses, government institutions, and community organizations partnering with local schools, Groundswell is a true coalition of community members. Partners provide content area expertise and guidance for students to ensure they can create positive changes in the environmental health of their community.

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Groundswell is housed within the Grand Valley State University College of Education and supported by the following sponsors:

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