The College of Education magazine Colleagues, with a circulation of 27,000, is sent to every Michigan school, intermediate school district, library, university, and to Grand Valley State University students and alumni. Issues have been used by school districts and agencies across the nation for training and discussion. The magazine highlights the latest trends in education, while also showcasing the college with articles written by alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

Colleagues has won APEX Awards for Excellence in multiple categories and Graphic Design USA awards.

The virtual destination for the magazine,, serves as a news and opinion hub, a research and policy center, and an issues forum for the educational community. Conceptualized and administered by the Center for Educational Partnerships, the website is an extension and expansion of Colleagues magazine. is the next step in creating an educational community where people from many areas of the educational spectrum are truly connected and where all voices are heard.

Latest Magazines

Spring 2016

Colleagues Issue X

Spring/ Summer 2015

Colleagues Issue XII

Spring 2014

Colleagues Issue XI

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