Gage Thrall

Gage Thrall

Gage Thrall is a freshman from Davidson, Michigan with studying mechanical engineering. Gage leads his team by example with always being willing to help out. Coach Carl Trosien said, "He is a player who wants to leave the program better than he found it and campus is much better off having someone of Gage's character here. We may have a food shortage on campus, but his smile and thank you that you always get reminds us what a character kid he is." 

What is one word or phrase that you hope teammates and coaches will use to describe you?

“One word I hope people use to describe me is hardworking."

How did you become part of the Men's D2 Hockey Club here at GVSU?

“I was contacted by Coach Carl, in the early summer. And then he had me come out to summer skates over the summer before school started.”

What do you enjoy most about Men's D2 Hockey Club?

“The friendships that I make, and just having a lot of with the teammates that I have, everyone else a part of the team.”

What other campus organizations are you a part of?

“I’m a part of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers.”

How do you plan on being a Laker for a Lifetime?

“I plan on being a Laker for a Lifetime by using my education to go further and keeping the friendships and teammates I have forever.” 

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