Delaney Walsh

Delaney Walsh

Delaney Walsh is a senior from Livonia, Michigan with aspirations for a future in law. Delaney leads her team by example with be on top of conditioning and time management both inside and outside of practice. She strives to help everyone learn the routines and for everyone to be the best they can be. Her coach, Keirsten Lone, expressed just how amazing of a teammate Delaney is; “She is the first one to practice, the last one to leave, the first person to show up at a teammate’s door when they’ve had a bad day, the first person to offer her time when someone asks for help with the routine, and consistently the first person to get information ready to practice.” 

What is one word or phrase that you hope teammates and coaches will use to describe you?

“I would say dedicated."

How did you become part of the PomPon Club here at GVSU?

“I started doing Pom when I was in eighth grade. When I came here I saw them tabling in Kirkhof and I decided to try out.”

What do you enjoy most about PomPon?

“The people that it’s introduced me to and it’s given me a really good sense of structure during my time here at Grand Valley.”

What other campus organizations are you a part of?

“I’m a part of the law society since I’m planning on going to law school.”

How do you plan on being a Laker for a Lifetime?

“I plan on being a Laker for a Lifetime by taking the tools and experiences I’ve gained from Grand Valley and using them to impact other people’s lives post-graduation as well as my last semester.” 

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