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The Club Sports program at Grand Valley consists of a very diverse selection of sports, ranging from the most well-known sports to some hidden gems that you may have never heard of. One of these lesser-known sports provides one of the most unique experiences that Grand Valley can offer. Based on the fictional game created by J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, the sport of Quidditch blends elements of Rugby, Dodgeball, and Tag to create an increasingly popular sport being played around the world.

Quidditch is a mixed-gender sport that involves teams of seven members, with brooms between their legs, tasked with certain roles trying to outscore the opposing team. The roles on the team are one Seeker, three Chasers, two Beaters, and one Keeper. The Seeker is attempting to grab the Snitch, a valuable task worth 30 points that also signals the end of the game. The Chasers are attempting to score goals worth 10 points by sending the quaffle through any of the three hoops on the opposing team's side. On the defensive side, the Beaters are attempting to use balls called bludgers to disrupt the other team. Finally, the Keeper is defending the hoops, trying to deter the Chasers from scoring. Quidditch is a contact sport, bringing aggressive and exciting play throughout each game, making it equally thrilling to play and to watch.

The club at Grand Valley has been growing throughout the past few years. In the 2018-2019 season, they were the last remaining Great Lakes team at Nationals, showing the significant improvements the club has been making. The club continues to strive to improve, with the goal of making it to Nationals every year. The Quidditch club also has a growing reputation of being one of the most friendly and welcoming teams. 

The president of the club said that "the sport might be based on Harry Potter, but we are so much more than that. This is a legitimate full-time commitment with an incredibly welcoming environment where you can make friends across the Great Lakes region." The Quidditch club is very welcoming, offering tryouts for people of any skill level, making it a sport that anyone can be a part of. 

Quidditch is not a one size fits all sport. Whether you are looking for people with a similar interest to you, a new sport to try, or just want to be part of something new and unique, Quidditch will have something to offer you. 

Written by Trent Barker, GVSU Student

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