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Professional Readiness Examination (PRE)

GVSU candidates for Michigan teacher certification must pass the Michigan Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) or approved alternative prior to student teaching. The PRE (test number 096) consists of three subtests: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. Together, the Mathematics and Reading subtests comprise approximately 85 multiple-choice questions. The Writing subtest consists of approximately 42 multiple-choice questions and two written constructed-response assignments. To pass the PRE, you must pass each of the subtests. If you do not pass one or more subtest of the PRE, you may retake only those subtests.


Visit the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification website to learn details about test dates and to register.

Alternative to taking the PRE

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has recently passed a proposal to allow students to use scores from the ACT or Michigan Merit Exam (MME) in lieu of passing scores on the PRE. Score equivalencies are listed below.

The MDE will allow a combination of all three subscores (PRE, ACT, and MME) to meet their requirement. Please see your advisor in the College of Education if you think you are eligible to use ACT or MME scores in lieu of the PRE for your admission to the College of Education. More details about alternative scoring options can be viewed here.

Please take note that MME Scores from January 2015 and later cannot be used as a substitute.


ACT Score Equivalency

MME Score Equivalency








(English + Writing) 22*


* Please use this chart to calculate English + Writing score (can use score values from different test dates, excluding Writing scores from September 2016). For example, You could use an English score from September 2016 or earlier and a Writing score from before September 2016.

Timing: A passing score for all subtests of the PRE is required prior to student teaching. Students are encouraged to take the PRE as early as possible in their academic career.

To learn more about scoring information, click here.

For resources for your content area exams, please see our Content Area Prep Website.

MTTC Resources

Study Guide

Test Objectives

Online Practice Test

MTTC Flashcards (available in the Resource Room in C-1-140 MAK and available for purchase online.

Outside Resources

Try the Praxis practice tests for mathematics, reading, and writing through the LearningExpress Library. These may be useful when preparing for the PRE.

Use ACT Prep materials to help study for the test. The content of both exams is similar so that is a great way to have additional practice questions and review. Quizlet has ACT flashcards and practice materials for free online, but there are many other great resources.

Take the Illinois Basic Skills Diagnostic Practice Test to determine areas where you need additional tutoring support.

MoMetrix eLibrary (online access to study guides available through the GVSU Library)
Click Teaching, then scroll down and select the MTTC test(s) you are interested in. You may need to log-in through the Library in order to access this database.

Put Thinking to the Test is a book about test taking strategies that can be helpful as you prepare for the exam, and as you look forward to your career in teaching.

PRE resources broken down by individual test items from Wayne State University.

Reducing Test Anxiety

If you suffer from test anxiety please read the following guide to identify and cope with stress.

Dealing with test anxiety

Test Specific Details and Support

Find more information about test formats and additional preparation resources available in the links below.