Prechiropractic Google Group

Subscribe to the Prechiropractic google group to continue to receive helpful information while you are at GVSU.  To join follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign into your GVSU student e-mail
  2. Send message to “[email protected]” > leave everything else blank
  3. Look for message in GVSU student e-mail with subject “Join request for prechiropractic”
  4. Open the “Join request email” and click the blue “Join This Group” button
    1. If adding from a mobile device you must click desktop version in the footer after clicking “Join This Group”
  5. Welcome message will appear confirming you have been added to the group. Be sure to click on Join this Group button after reviewing group information.

Note: If you get an error message when confirming your request, check to see if your account reverted to a personal g-mail account. You must confirm the request from your GVSU student e-mail account.

Page last modified October 27, 2020