Unit Head Mailing 8-2-11

  1. Transitioning to Outlook   
  2. CLAS Important Dates
  1. Transitioning to Outlook

As you know, GVSU is transitioning from GroupWise to Outlook. We are encouraging CLAS Unit Heads/Directors and COTs to be proactive about setting up a time for conversion to Outlook, so that they can have their choice of week during August, September, and October.

As you may recall, the reason for the change is that this is the end of life for GroupWise, which is not adding any more features and has no future. Outlook has a more user-friendly look and feel. It is cross platform (Mac/PC), its web application has a better interface, and it can be synced with smart phones.

In preparation for the transition, each computer will need to have Office 10 and Windows 7 installed and the GroupWise email archives will need attention if emails are to be saved. Macs will need to have been upgraded to Office 2011.

Unit Heads should contact Tom Norman or Tom Reisterer to choose a week for conversion and to get additional information about the conversion. There is a new shared folder (Outlook@GVSU) with a questions/answers forum. Check out the website which has a tab dedicated to the conversion may want to start there.

2. CLAS Important Dates 


      Important Dates Event Location
Aug. 8 Classes End 2nd 6 and 12 weeks  

Aug. 8 Official "Report to Work" Day for faculty  

Aug. 9 Grading Opens in Banner  

Aug. 9-10 Finals 2nd 6 and 12 week  

Aug. 15 Grades due 2nd 6 and 12 week at noon  

Aug 15 Unit Alignment to CLAS Strategic Plan CLAS Dean's office

Aug. 17 & 18 New Faculty Orientation * KC & DEV

Aug. 17 CLAS New Faculty Social** Alumni House Aug. 23 Unit Head Retreat 324/330 KEN, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Aug. 24 FTLC Conference EC, 8:30-2:00 
Aug. 25 CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting 10:00 a.m. Louis Armstrong Theatre-followed by lunch

Aug. 26 President's Address & Convocation
Aug. 29 Fall 2011 Classes Begin  

Sept. 5 + 6 Labor Day Recess  

*Sponsored by Provost's office. Special invitations sent from their office.

**Sponsored by CLAS; invitation only



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