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Unit Head Mailing 4-26-11

  1. Unit Head List for Fall 2011
  2. Clickers for Fall or Spring/Summer 2011
  3. Online/Hybrid Course procedures and policies
  4. Unit Websites as Recruitment Tools
  5. No Selling Links to GV web pages
  6. A Valediction
  7. Important Dates

1. Unit Head List for Fall 2011 (attachment)

There are several changes occurring during the Summer and Fall semester to our CLAS unit head roster. Attached is an updated list.

2. Clickers for Fall or Spring/Summer 2011- Information Technology

"Clickers"  =  ResponseCards used as part of the Audience Response System by Turning Technologies

IT had provided clickers for use in courses in the past. Now that clickers have become so popular, from this Spring term we will have students purchase a personal clicker at the bookstore. IT has already provided several pieces of essential information to review for faculty who wish to use this technology. Please call or e-mail Karen Burchard with any questions or to request the documents regarding the clicker process as GVSU changes to the bookstore model. Karen Burchard (, 331-6500)   Academic Computing, Information Technology.


  3. Online/Hybrid Course procedures and policies - Maria Cimitile

The procedures and policies for online/hybrid courses were approved by UAS and the Provost's Office about a year ago, and now have been in place for an academic year. It takes time for everyone to learn of the new processes, and I would ask that you help faculty access the information once again by disseminating information on these processes.  Please remind your faculty of these procedures by emailing your unit heads to direct them to the faculty governance website to answer informational questions.  Please ask the unit heads to forward it to their entire faculty. Here is the site:

 With your help, we can protect people's time, efficiently provide answers that people need, and keep your office informed. Thank you.


4. Unit Websites as Recruitment Tools (attachment)

At the last Unit Head meeting, there was a discussion of ways to strengthen departmental websites from the perspective of student recruitment.  Unit Heads requested Monica Johnstone's notes.  They are attached.  A Chronicle of Higher Education article germane to this topic:".


5. No Selling Links to GV web pages

We have been reminded by Tom Butcher that links from all Grand Valley websites must not contain links to commercial enterprises of any kind.  For instance, if faculty are selling their books from their personal webpages (or their consulting services or their homemade jam...), then Grand Valley pages should not link to them.


6. A Valediction-Jann Joseph to be Dean of the College of Education at EMU

It is with a proud and heavy heart that I wish CLAS Associate Dean Jann Joseph all the very best in this next stage of her career.  For five years we have counted on her as we planned and expanded into new spaces, oriented more than hundreds of new colleagues, equipped new labs and studios, and adapted to new state-mandated education curricula.  We see the imprint of her work all around us, and we are so much the better for it.  On behalf of all the friends she's made at GVSU, and all those who are in her debt, I thank her for her contributions to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.



7. CLAS Important Dates


    Important Dates Event Location
April 27 Grants Road Show 2215/2216, 3:30-5:00 April 30 Commencement  
May 3 Final Grades due by noon   May 4 Unit Head Meeting 2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00 p.m. May 5 Traverse City Commencement   May 9 Search Position Requests due sherwoco@gvsu.edu5:00 p.m.
May 9 Spring Classes Start   May 15 Unit * Self Studies due CLAS Dean's office May 30 Memorial Day Recess   June 20 Classes End first 6 weeks   June 21-22 Finals   June 27 Grades due first 6 week classes at noon   June 27 Classes Begin 2nd 6 weeks   July 4 Independence Day Recess   July 18 Staffing Plans due 5:00
Aug. 8 Classes End 2nd 6 and 12 weeks   Aug. 9-10 Finals 2nd 6 and 12 week   Aug. 15 Grades due 2nd 6 and 12 week at noon   Aug 15 Unit Alignment to CLAS Strategic Plan CLAS Dean's office Aug. 17 & 18 New Faculty Orientation KC & DEV Aug. 17 CLAS New Faculty Social Alumni House Aug. 23 Unit Head Retreat TBA Aug. 24 FTLC Conference TBA Aug. 25 CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting TBA-followed by lunch Aug. 26 Convocation Field House Aug. 29 Fall 2011 Classes Begin  

*Due this spring - PSY (BA and BS), PHY (BS), AWRI, BMS (MS and BS)

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