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Unit Head Mailing 2-1-11

  1. Snow, coverage, and safety
  2. myGVSU
  3. Career Prep Workshops
  4. Update: Incomplete Grades 
  5. CLAS Important dates


1. Snow, coverage, and safety-Fred Antczak

Please share immediately with your Office Coordinator:

Covering Offices if we get smacked with snow this week

A very heavy snowstorm is predicted by Wednesday morning.  Meteorology is about as predictable as economics, and it wouldn't be the first scare that didn't live up to its billing; but it is Michigan in midwinter.  I certainly hope that if the commute were life-threatening, the University would consider calling off that day's work. But if the situation falls short of that threshold, I would want the very valued members of the CLAS staff not to take their lives in their hands if conditions happened to be bad at their home. 

For Wednesday--so you must do this quickly--I'm asking every unit to identify a "buddy" unit; if you happen to have student workers who live on campus and who can open the office at 8:00, you should buddy up with a unit that doesn't. Arrange to have your calls transferred and to have a sign put on your door if you don't.

Take your time coming in, if we're open, and take great care.  Just because the University is open on a given day doesn't mean the commute will be easy, and I want you to take care and get here safely.  It will help if you make arrangements now that will put your mind at ease about getting here when you safely can.  We value your work, and we value you.



2. myGVSU

Unit Heads are urged to encourage staff and student workers to take the time to complete the myGVSU survey.

3. Career Prep Workshops

A career preparation workshop series for Liberal Arts & Sciences students begins soon and continues into next month.  Please help us promote these events to your students.

  • Feb. 3, A-1-167 MAK, 3pm.  Finding the Path to Your Career
  • Feb. 10, A-1-167 MAK, 3pm. Getting Experience to Get a Job
  • Mar. 23, 2215 KC, 5:30-7pm. Liberal Arts & Sciences Alumni Panel: Career Conversations


4. Update: Incomplete Grades-Mary Schutten

You have received a packet from this office (and Records) containing a master list of students who have incomplete grades, a memo with instructions and grade change forms for each student with an incomplete grade. According to the catalog: when a student receives an Incomplete course grade, he/she is responsible to complete the expectations for that course by the end of the next semester or the grade reverts to a grade of F. The Records Office makes no grade changes without faculty sign-off, so the grade does not revert to the grade of F without completion of a grade change form, please complete a grade change form for those Incomplete grades that are overdue (only Fall 2010 are not yet overdue). 

Incomplete grade forms are due March 4, 2011.

Some other points that may be helpful for review with all faculty:

  • Students with an incomplete do not register for the course again. If they are expected to attend class sessions, they should attend without registering for that course again.
  • Unit practice related to circumstances that lead to assigning a grade of incomplete. We have seen an increase of incomplete grade forms that state "retake the entire course" as the contract with the student.
  • It is possible to grant extensions to students.
  • It is not possible to assign a grade of W (withdraw).
  • Withdrawal is a separate process for students (form on registrar's page) that is reviewed by the Academic Review Committee and not the CLAS Dean's Office
  • A reminder to faculty to complete grade change forms in a timely fashion
  • The incomplete grade list will now be distributed by Records twice per academic year.
  • Incomplete grades are coded as "in progress".
  • This allows students to register for courses where the incomplete course might be a prerequisite.
  • Incomplete grades are not calculated in the GPA which may impact secondary admit programs.


5. CLAS Important Dates



  Important Dates Event Location
Feb. 1 FARs & Workload Plans due to unit   Feb. 1 -14 My GVSU Survey (Climate Study)
Feb. 3 3pm.  Finding the Path to Your Career A-1-167 MAK Feb. 3 Faculty Awards Convocation Loosemore Auditorium, 4:00 p.m.
Feb. 4 Niemeyer Awards Nominations due Electronically to
Feb. 5 Awards of Distinction Scholarship Competition CLAS contact Keesha (
Feb. 9 Unit Head Meeting 2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00 Feb. 10 3pm. Getting Experience to Get a Job A-1-167 MAK Feb. 10 Materials for W11 contract renewal due to CPC   Feb. 11 Department selection for Phi Kappa Phi due Melissa Cunningham
Feb. 11 Undergraduate and Graduate Student selection for honors Suzanne Norman
Feb. 15 Facilities RequestDue  
Feb. 17 CLAS Research Colloquium 308 PAD, 2:30-5:00
Feb. 17 Materials for W11 Tenure/promo Due to CPC   Feb. 18 Student Scholars Day Registration Closes   Feb. 19 Awards of Distinction Scholarship Competition CLAS contact Keesha (
Feb. 21 Banner Opens for Mid-term Grading   Feb. 23 Unit Head Meeting 2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00 Feb. 23 50th @ Noon Cook DeWitt Center, 12:00-12:45 Feb. 25 Inclusion Advocate Meeting (required for advocates)   Mar. 4 Incomplete Grade forms due   Mar. 15 Unit heads will submit electronic copies of FARs  to the Dean's Office  

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