Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 4-16-13

For Faculty

  1. G3: Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley Camp

For Unit Heads

  1. Summer away message
  2. Syllabus of Record 'Fast Track' Process - UCC
  3. CLAS Important Dates


1. G3: Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley Camp

G3: Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley Camp Registration deadline is soon approaching!  If you are looking for an exciting summer camp that gives you and your grandchild (or your parents and your kids) a university experience, this is the camp for you!

The registration deadline for this summer's camp is April 30th.  The three day camp will take place June 25th - June 27th and includes: 

  • Seven G3 classes and class materials;
  • Two night's accommodations in a GVSU living center;
  • Special evening programs and activities designed for all ages;
  • Seven meals in campus dining halls or special event venues;
  • T-shirts for both Grandparent and grandchild.

Go online for more information and the opportunity to register at

Also, you may email


2. Summer away message

Unit heads should remind faculty, if they're going away for part or all of the summer, they should put messages to that effect on phone and email, and refer the student to the department.


3. Syllabus of Record 'Fast Track' Process- UCC

After consulting with the chairs of the college curriculum committees UCC is adopting a "fast-track" procedure for the expedited review of SORs. This fast-track process is used if a unit verifies with Records that no SOR exists, or if the unit determines that the existing SOR does not match current practice in the course. The fast-track process cannot be used to change any aspect of an existing course (description, credits, prereqs, etc.).

The process is outlined on the UCC website (as is the outline for a Syllabus of Record). This link is to the memo outlining the process.

Judith Corr is currently the chair of CLAS CC, beginning in May, Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin will serve as chair for the summer months. Regina Smith will serve as chair for 2013-14 beginning in mid to late August.




4. CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates Event Location
Apr. 17 Unit Head Meeting 2215/2216 KC; 3:00-5:00pm Apr. 22 Banner Opens for Final Grading   April 22 Preliminary Spring Enrollment Check   Apr. 22-26 Final Exam Week Final exam schedule
Apr. 27 Commencement 3:00pm; Commencement
April 29 Final Spring Enrollment Check   Apr. 30 Final Grades due before noon  
May 1 Unit Head Meeting 2215/2216 KC; 3:00-5:00pm May 1 Search/Position Requests for 2013-14 due  
May 2 Traverse City Commencement 6:00pm; Traverse City Commencement
May 6 Classes begin 1st 6 weeks and 12 weeks   May 27 Memorial Day Recess - office closed   June 17 Classes End 1st 6 weeks   June 18-19 Final Exams   June 24 Grades due 1st 6 week classes before noon Banner and Blackboard close at this time   June 24 Classes begin 2nd 6 weeks   July 4 Independence Day Recess - offices closed   Aug.2 Classes end 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks   Aug. 5-6 Final Exams   Aug. 12 Grades due 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks before noon Banner and Blackboard close at this time   Aug. 14 & 15 New Faculty Orientation   Aug. 20 Unit Head Retreat TBA Aug. 21 FTLC Conference TBA Aug. 22 CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting TBA Aug. 23 Convocation TBA Aug. 26 Fall 2013 Classes Begin  



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