Student placement step-by-step


includes internships, student teaching or clinical experience

  1. Review the Student Placement section of the CLAS Risk Reduction site. Understand the risks of the activity you are considering and know the best ways to manage those risks.
  2. Notify your Unit Head of your intent to place a student in an outside entity.
  3. Clearly define your expectations to the student and requirements for obtaining course credit.
  4. Contact the party placing the student, understand the nature of the work and if the situation is appropriate for the student. Clearly understand the duties and hazards the student may be exposed to and how they will be trained and supervised. If possible, visit the site.
  5. Identify the terms of an Affiliation Agreement with the party placing the student.
    1. For most internships, Contact Career Services: They can provide support for all aspects of placement and internship experiences. The Internship Management System, or other standard forms often meet GVSUs and the employers requirements for an affiliation agreement.
    2. If the entity placing the student has a standard agreement, or other consent or liability waivers, contact the University Counsel Office at (616) 331-2067 or [email protected] for review.
  6. Schedule frequent contact with both the student and the employer.
  7. Complete the Checklist for Faculty and keep a copy for your records or submit to appropriate supervisor.

Page last modified October 10, 2018