Field Education Step By Step

  1. Identify the hazards and assess the risks associated with the field experience
  2. Identify safety precautions.
    • Complete the Field Safety Plan.  Provide a copy to your unit head
    • Review the Transportation section of this site
    • For student-directed research, the student should identify precautions in cooperation with the supervising faculty.
  3. Communicate the details of the trip to the students
    • schedules, expectations, risks associated with travel, safety and emergency procedures, and GVSU liability waivers
      • For classroom field trips, this information should be included in the class syllabus
      • For travel with students outside a class or for student-directed research, provide students with the safety plan and have them sign a the liability waiver
    • Ensure emergency contact information is up-to-date with the Registrar or have each participant complete the Emergency Contact Information Form.
  4. Consult the FAQ page and complete the Faculty Checklist for Planning Activities Outside the Classroom for your records.
  5. Provide appropriate supervision during the field activity, report problems to you Unit Head and follow-up with participants to identify necessary improvements.


In addition to the above...

  1. Contact Padnos International Center
  2. Review the International Travel Form
  3. If traveling with GVSU equipment, be familiar with Export Control requirements.



Page last modified June 25, 2019