How do I get the Dean's approval letter for off-campus experiential learning assignments?

During the Ottawa County stay-in-place order for GVSU students living in Allendale, students need the approval of the Dean to continue participating in “off-campus experiential learning assignments”.  Students enrolled in programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can obtain an approval letter by logging in at the link below and downloading the letter.


Students engaged in off-campus work, paid or unpaid, that was not arranged through GVSU do not need the Dean’s approval.  The employer or volunteer sponsor is responsible for determining whether the work is “essential and cannot be done remotely”, and authorizing the students to continue working without involvement of the University.  The letter also addresses this situation.  Students with such positions are welcome to use it in discussions with their employers or volunteer hosts.


Log in to get the dean's approval letter.  GVSU students only.

Page last modified October 9, 2020