From Theatre to 18th Century Tailoring

From Theatre to 18th Century Tailoring

Loaded 10/2015

Michael McCarty (BS Theatre 2011) is currently in the middle of a seven year apprenticeship program which is a part of the Trades Department at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. It involves in-depth study and practice of the 18th century tailoring trade. After its completion Michael will receive his journeyman papers and continue to practice the trade while teaching to perpetuate trade skills and knowledge. 

Mike says, “I really love what I am doing. It is a really unusual occupation, and kind of hard to fully understand without seeing me in action. It certainly has something of a theatrical bend to it, but it is more like that of an animated lecturer than a monologue.”

Most of his work involves talking to the visiting public, but he also is attending and presenting at academic conferences. In February 2015 Michael spent two weeks in England studying museum collection.

"We are so proud of him!" Professor Karen Libman notes.

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