Chemistry Faculty and Students Participate in National Conference

April 03, 2018

Chemistry Faculty and Students Participate in National Conference

The American Chemical Society conference that concluded March 28 saw a large contingent of GVSU students and faculty.

TALKS / INVITED TALKS: (Undergraduate students bolded)


  • Synthesis of multimodal organic ligand frameworks for use in combining CMPO groups (Wackerle, Brandon G., Biros, Shannon M.)
  • Developing assessment tasks for the scientific practices: Alignment, design, and testing (Justin Carmel (Florida International University), Erin Duffy (MSU), Melanie Cooper (MSU), Deborah Herrington)
  • Investigation of general chemistry assessment item stability: Same items, different form – what changes? (Tom Pentecost)
  • Modeling split attention during simulation use (Jessica VandenPlas, Ryan Sweeder (MSU), Deborah Herrington)



  • CMPO groups and their derivatives to separate rare earth elements (Pearson, Hunter A., Wackerle, Brandon G., Hudson, Michael L., Biros, Shannon M.)
  • Synthesis and characterization of novel diphenyl urea antibiotics  (Phil Dietz, Matthew Hart)
  • Meeting our students where they are: Using text messaging to both promote effective studying and provide formative assessment in introductory chemistry (Patrick Daubenmire (Loyola University Chicago), Madison Smith (LUC), Elizabeth Stumpe (LUC), Ryan Sweeder (MSU), Deborah Herrington)
  • Theoretical Circular Dichroism Spectra of α-Helical Proteins with the Dipole Interaction Model Including the n-π* Transition (Felix Ngassa)
  • Regioselectivity in nucleophilic aromatic substitution with aryl sulfonates (Felix Ngassa)
  • Task complexity measures and Item Response Theory parameters: How are they related? (Tom Pentecost)
  • Electrochemical Investigation of Facilitated Terbium(III) Transfer at Micro-Liquid/Liquid Interfaces (Vander Tuin, Z., Thorgaard, S. N.)
  • Electrocatalytic Detection of Single Pd, Pt, and Rh Nanoparticles at Au and Hg Ultramicroelectrodes (Capps, A., Thorgaard, S. N.)
  • Simulation use in general chemistry: Improving student conceptual understanding (Ryan Sweeder (MSU), Alec Shrode (MSU), Jessica VandenPlas, Deborah Herrington)
  • Silicon Analogs of Modafinil (Alexandra Williams, W.R. Winchester)



Eye Tracking Research in Chemistry Education (Jessica VandenPlas)

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