Regalia Repair Clinic

Regalia Repair Clinic

Date and Time

Thursday, April 27, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM




CLAS Faculty and Staff are invited to attend the first ever Regalia Repair Clinic.  Help and supplies will be on hand to get your robes in shape.

  • Missing that interior button that keeps your drape from strangling you?  
  • Has that little cord in back disappeared?
  • Is only half the hook & eye at the top of your robe's zipper anywhere to be found?
  • Always wished you had an interior pocket to hold your keys or sunglasses or bobby pins or mints?
  • Does your mortar board or tam slide around?
  • Could you regalia use gussets to create better walking ease?

Let us help and then you will be ready for Convocation and Commencement.

We'd appreciate an email if you do intend to drop by.  Let us know what repair or enhancement you are seeking and the color of your robe.  With this information we will be sure to bring sufficient supplies. 


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