COVID 19 Teaching Lab Disinfection Procedures

COVID Guidelines for the teaching labs.

Updated Jan 4,2022

Distancing and Handwashing

When navigating the lab, please be mindful of your spacing with others.  When entering and exiting the lab, please make sure to wash your hands to reduce the amount of contamination.

Eye Protection

Students will be required to bring the appropriate eye protection into the laboratory.  Eye protection will not be provided.  Please see your instructor's guidelines for the course for further assistance.

Face Coverings

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requires a clean face mask in all laboratory classes.  A backup is also necessary if the first facemask gets contaminated during the laboratory.  The mask must cover your nose and mouth completely.

General Disinfection

Spraying general surfaces with a 70% ethanol solution will decontaminate high touch surfaces.  Reminder: leaving the disinfect on the surface for five minutes is required to kill any virus on the surface.  


Computers and Keyboards

Computers and keyboards should not be sprayed directly.  Please use a cloth or paper towel to wipe on the ethanol solution.  Do not wipe off allow to evaporate.  

Specialized Equipment

Some equipment will not take well to a solvent solution.  Please use soapy water to disinfect.  Soaps break down the outer wall of the virus making it harmless.  For these items please follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Page last modified January 4, 2022