COVID 19 Science Operations

Research Access for Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Please email Aaron Perry with a list of the researchers who are planning to do research this summer.  Key cards will be activated on the specific day they can start work in the laboratory.

Please use the Science Key Card Request Form for requesting access for new students and additional spaces.  Key Card Request Form 

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1. All students, staff, and faculty will receive two cloth masks for use within the facility.

2. Gloves can be provided by the department.  If you are having an issue procuring gloves please contact Aaron Perry

3. Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided in research spaces throughout the facility for wiping down common use items and sanitize hands.  Although hand sanitizer should not be used when a handwashing sink is available.  Handwashing is a better way to handle hand contamination.

Please contact Aaron Perry who is coordinating research PPE this summer for refills of the above, and more specific PPE.


Limiting Access to Entry.

Doors to the building will remain locked to the science buildings.  Everyone who needs entry will enter from the loading dock door.  This door will be sanitized regularly throughout the day by the university cleaning staff.

Please refrain from using teaching labs for research projects.  In preparations for the fall semester, these labs have been disinfected.  Let us limit the number of people accessing spaces that are already cleaned.  Some restrooms might be shut during this time to increase the frequency of these spaces being cleaned.

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Heath Assessment

Daily Health Assessments are mandatory before arriving on campus.  When entering the loading area, there will be an assessment table with a computer to complete the self-evaluation of your health before starting work.  If you answer yes to any of the questions or have a fever over 100˚F you will, need to return home, and seek medical advice.  All information will be held securely on the server until the pandemic is over.


Face Mask

Cover your mouth and nose with appropriate PPE when around others and when moving through common spaces.  The college has cloth masks available for people working in the building.  Please contact Aaron Perry for masks.

Face covering

Hand Washing and Protective Equipment

To protect everyone from laboratory hazards and possible contagions on resources passed between person to person.  Gloves will be available when working with high touch laboratory items.  Disinfectant cloths will be available to clean high touch surfaces in the lab.  Please remember that washing is a must when entering a room and leaving a room.  Please do not wear gloves in the common areas of the building.  Please contact Aaron Perry for PPE if needed.

Hand Washing

Field Research Guidelines

  1. Separate transportation should be used whenever possible;
  2. Campus facilities should be used to the minimum extent necessary to prepare for the fieldwork;
  3. Researchers should maintain substantial physical separation (10 feet or more) whenever possible, and practice proper hygiene and safety precautions.
  4. Samples may be processed (on campus or in the field) only to the extent necessary to preserve their value, unless they have time-sensitive processing needs (ie. cannot be preserved, or must be processed to meet grant and regulatory timelines).  In such a case, researchers will maintain physical separation of 6 feet or more, and practice proper hygiene and safety precautions.  Laboratory access is scheduled for June 1, 2020 in accordance with the State of Michigan’ s Executive Order 2020-77.
  5. On campus computer analysis of data should be delayed until June 1, 2020, unless they have time-sensitive analysis needs (ie. must be processed to meet grant and regulatory timelines). In such a case, researchers will maintain physical separation of 6 feet or more, and practice proper hygiene and safety precautions.

Page last modified October 25, 2021