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CLAS WEEKLY MAILING 04-28-21       



1. Strategic Planning Update       



2. Promoting our fascinating courses 

 3.  REMINDER--reporting student use of Adobe Creative Cloud in course for Spring/Summer 

4. CLAS General Education Course Design Institute   



5.  Important Due Dates         

6. Upcoming Events        




1. Strategic Planning Update from AD Donovan Anderson  

Last Friday a subgroup of the Strategy and Innovation Group met to discuss the final set of Jamboards from this past semester’s visioning conversations. At the CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting on Tuesday, May 4, Dean Drake will provide an overview of themes that emerged from these college-wide conversations. There will also be an opportunity to respond to the Dean’s remarks in small groups and to provide further input for possible futures for CLAS.  




2. Promoting our fascinating courses 

Sometimes a groovy course hides behind an unassuming name.  We’d like to help your Clark Kents be noticed as the Supermen that they are.  Here are a few examples of courses that you might not know are being offered in AY 21-22: 


NEW for FALL 2021--BIO 280 -- Biology Seminar: Anishinaabek Gaganoondiwag-dibaa (Conversations about Judgements and Measurements) 1 credit, ONLINE SYNCHRONOUS 

Thursday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. 

Enrollment: 15.  For majors and non-majors, no prerequisites. 

This seminar-based class focused on Indigenous science and knowledge will include 6-7 speakers that center Native/Indigenous Ways of Knowing. The course will include a 1-hour seminar one week, followed by a guided activity for student reflection the following week. The objectives of the course are: 

  • to create inclusive course content that centers Native/Indigenous science and improves science education at GVSU; and, 

  • to encourage expansion of disciplinary perspectives through guided student activities that result in generation of tools/products that students use in their specific disciplines (ex. adaptive management plans, multidisciplinary reports, drawings, lesson plans, poems, etc). 


F21 ENG 105-1 Literatures in English: Audience in American Humor; Professor Antczak 

This course examines the effects of region on American Humor, and explores how literary study can reveal contours of our national identity. 


W22 ENG 105-1 Literatures in English: The Literature of Baseball; Professor Antczak 

This course explores how authors use literary strategies like deep description, characterization, reliable and unreliable narrators, audience adaptation and genre to illuminate our national pastime. The course also explores how good stories are equipment for living. 


We know there are others that just need to be given some profile.  To assist, we will get these descriptions into appropriate hands, dedicated our MAK ground floor display case to them, put them on our social media, etc. 







3.  REMINDER--reporting student use of Adobe Creative Cloud in course for Spring/Summer 

Spring and Summer courses and sections that will need their students to have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud should be reported  on this online form by April 29. 




4. CLAS General Education Course Design Institute   

To support CLAS faculty in designing general education courses, either revising existing general education courses or proposing new offerings, we cordially invite you to participate in a special Course Design Institute being offered through the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. The particular focus of this opportunity is flexible design, intended to simultaneously meet a broader range of student needs and yield courses that could be offered in a variety of course formats (online, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, 6-week intensive).  The Institute will provide flexible course design frameworks, with special emphasize on creating adaptable course modules, intensive course design and delivery, designing authentic assessments, and virtual approaches to active learning. The Institute will also incorporate equity-minded design and inclusive pedagogy.  


Course Design Institute  

·       June 23 & June 24, 9 to noon, virtual  

·       Two additional meetings TBD, one in July and one in August  


Faculty will receive a $500 stipend for participating in the Course Design Institute and an additional $500 upon submission of a SAIL proposal (or course scheduling and submission of the syllabus to the CLAS Dean’s Office/FTLC if a new course/course change proposal is not necessary). Up to 18 spots available, open to all TT, Affiliate, and Visiting faculty. Part-time faculty may also submit proposals with the support of their unit head. Priority will be given to faculty who submitted LEADS program proposals earlier this semester. To apply, send a brief note of interest to [email protected] by May 14. Acceptance letters will be sent no later than May 21. If you have questions, please contact Christine Rener, Pew FTLC, or Donovan Anderson, CLAS Deans Office.   





5.  Important Due Dates               



Apr. 30   Deadline to cancel low-enrolled courses for Spring semester and 12-week courses        


Apr. 29   Spring and Summer courses and sections that will need their students to have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud on this online form   


May 4   Final Grades must be posted in Banner BEFORE Noon, Tuesday May 4, 2021.  


May 7   Facilities requests for Summer 2022 – changes requiring construction, full-classroom furniture changes, new electrical installations, etc.  Submit to Mona Silva ([email protected]) on Facilities Request Form available at           


May 14  Deadline to sign up for Course Design Institute, end a brief note of interest to [email protected]  


May 15    Faculty applications for Presidential Fellow   

May 21    Catalog copy changes due to [email protected]         


May 31 Collaborate Ultra meeting recordings OLDER than 1 YEAR will be REMOVED from Blackboard’s cloud storage environment.  See eLearning email of 4/27 for more details on how to save. 

Jun. 1   Unit Self-Studies due in GV Advance           



6. Upcoming Events          


Apr. 29  GVSU Film and Video Showcase. 


May 1  Commencement  

May 4  College Meeting 2-3:30 p.m. (Zoom) Invitation was emailed.  

Jun. 23 &24  Course Design Institute 9 to noon, virtual 






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