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1. Strategic Planning Update     



2. Virtual Faculty Writing Retreat 

3. Student Use of Adobe Creative Cloud for Spring and Summer classes 

4. Fellowships 



5.  Important Due Dates       

6. Upcoming Events      


A Note from Anthropology—Join us 



1. Strategic Planning Update 


A subset of the Strategy and Innovation Group met on Friday to discuss Jamboard data. These meetings will continue on Friday afternoons this month. The Dean will report on these conversations at the May 4 Spring Meeting. We hope you will be able to attend. This meeting will be a good opportunity to participate in the strategic planning process and to engage the ideas that we generated during the college-wide visioning sessions this semester. This meeting will not be another visioning session but an engagement with the outcomes from our conversations this winter.  





2. Virtual Faculty Writing Retreat 

Working on an article draft? Beginning a research project? Designing a course for a new format and need to think and talk about writing assignment sheets and lesson plans? Please consider the upcoming virtual Faculty Writing Retreat. 


Monday, May 3 through Friday, May 7 following the traditional format, facilitated by virtual interaction and remote communication. The virtual retreat will consist of: 

  • Virtual meetings: Each day of the retreat will begin at 9a.m. with a Zoom discussion of writing goals, articulating challenges when working from home or when writing in general, and sharing strategies. Each day will conclude with a Zoom meeting at 3:30 p.m. to discuss what we accomplished, what is working, what is not, and ways for moving forward. 

  • Accountability Google Doc : A Google Doc will be shared by participants to share progress.  Or you can leave your Google Doc blank. Other participants will be able to see this doc so that you can feel the accountability or just the sense of working in a community that we might get from working in the same room. Like that physical space, you will have other writers “there” with you in a sense. 

  • Writing Resources and Support: During the retreat, SWS Director Jerry Stinnett and Writing Center Director Patrick Johnson will  be available by email (or Zoom) to be a sounding board for writing ideas and strategies or to just listen while you talk something through. 


Interested in joining the virtual retreat? Contact Lisa Gullo ([email protected]) by Friday, April 30 with your name and preferred email address. Links for the week's meetings will be sent out on Sunday, May 2. 



3. Student Use of Adobe Creative Cloud for Spring and Summer classes 


The Provost’s office has asked us to collect information about classes in CLAS units.  As we did for fall and winter semesters this year, we need to identify which sections of courses are going to need licenses for students to access the Adobe Creative Cloud. We will follow a similar process for getting students information for accessing the software prior to the start of the semester.  
To clarify, this is for use of the creative products by students, not for the use of the free PDF reader tool. This is also not a request for identifying those faculty that might want to use Adobe products for individual use in creating course materials – that is a separate item that is typically supported through the academic department. Also note that this is not a call to encourage the use of these tools in courses as we do pay for each student license, but rather this is to capture the needs for courses where the use of these tools are built into the course design. 


Please provide Spring and Summer courses and sections that will need their students to have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud on this online form by Thursday, April 29.  



4. Fellowships 



  • The Fulbright. Work is beginning with students interested in applying.  Overview page covering eligibility and information.  Intent to Apply Form (due June 1) for students to connect with Fellowships office on applications. 



  • Teaching English Abroad Information Session – April 16, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. 
    The Office of Fellowships is conducting an informational about fellowships supporting teaching abroad. Covered will be Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program (ETA), Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET), English Program in Korea (EPIK), Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF), U.S. Teaching Assistantships at Austrian Secondary Schools (USTA), and more. 

  • Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship-for-Service Program Information Session  – April 20, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.  The SMART Program provides STEM students with the tools needed to pursue higher education and begin a career with the DoD. For every year of degree funding, the scholar commits to working for a year with the DoD as a civilian employee.  Summer internships prepare scholars for full-time employment and get them accustomed to working with the DoD. 

Open App Cycle

  • German Studies Research Grant: This DAAD program offers up to ten German Studies Research Grants to highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students who are nominated by their department/program chairs. The grant may be used for short-term research (1-2 months) in either Germany or North America. The program is designed to encourage research and promote the study of cultural, political, historical, economic and social aspects of modern and contemporary German affairs from an inter- and multidisciplinary perspective. / Due May 1, 2021 

  • DAAD Research Grant: Research Grants for highly qualified candidates who have completed either: a Master’s degree or Diploma, a Bachelor’s degree, or Ph.D. Applications for 7-10 months accepted in November. Short-term grants (1-6 months) accept applications in November and May. Due May 1, 202 

  • Work First Fellowship: The Work First Fellowship connects recent graduates with the opportunity to have a direct impact on urban poverty. Fellows work with individuals living below the poverty level to help them find employment  while also conducting policy research on effective job placement programs. This service year combines direct support to the needy while also reviewing public policy that shapes the lives of their clients. Fellows receive $40,000/calendar year salary rate plus benefits. An additional $5,000 award is available to eligible Fellows upon successful completion of each Fellow’s individual research project. Start date in July. Due May 2, 2021 

  •  Writing Fellows Program: The America’s Future Foundation Writing Fellows Program is for aspiring political writers and features small-group writing workshops over six evening sessions, whether in person or virtual. The Washington, DC-based fellowship is tailored for writers interested in issues and publishing in outlets near our nation’s capital. The state-based fellowship is held virtually and is designed for writers outside the DC-area. Includes the opportunity to connect with well-known writers. Due May 3, 2021 

  •  Rotary Peace Fellowship: Rotary selects up to 130 individuals from around the world to receive fully funded academic fellowships at peace centers in Australia, England, Japan, Sweden, the U.S., Thailand, and Uganda. These fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, and RT transportation. Two types of fellowships are available: (1) 15-24 month master’s degree fellowships at premier universities in fields related to peace and conflict prevention and resolution and (2) 1-year blended learning professional development certificates for experienced professionals working in peace-related fields. Rotary Peace Centers website. Due May 15, 2021 



5.  Important Due Dates             


 Apr. 15  First Dibs Classroom Requests due to Cindy Laug ([email protected])     

Apr. 23 Supervisor signs/dates the form and scans (for PSS employees), then emails to GV Performance Management by April 23.         
Apr. 23 Supervisor finalizes evaluation (for non-PSS employees), including meeting with employee [Supervisor may begin with feedback as soon as they have received the submitted evaluation from their employee.]         

May 7   Facilities requests for Summer 2022 – changes requiring construction, full-classroom furniture changes, new electrical installations, etc.  Submit to Mona Silva ([email protected]) on Facilities Request Form available at         

May 15    Faculty applications for Presidential Fellow 

May 21    Catalog copy changes due to [email protected]       

Jun. 1   Unit Self-Studies due in GV Advance         



6. Upcoming Events             

Through April 16 there are several exhibitions in the Stuart and Barbara Padnos Art Gallery, Calder Art Center. Check the VMA events page for details.            

Apr. 16   Graduate Dean's Citation Awards Virtual Event     

May 1   Commencement

May 4  College Meeting 2-3:30 p.m. (Zoom) Invitation will be emailed.  




A Note from Anthropology—Join Us 


Russ Rhoads is retiring from Grand Valley at the end of this semester. As part of the Anthropology Department’s recognition of his years of service we are creating a “memory book” filled with submissions from those who know and appreciate his many fine qualities. If you have a story, a memory, a photo, or just want to congratulate him or wish him well, please reply to [email protected] by April 19. 


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