Weekly Mailing to TT, AFF, VIS, AP, PSS in CLAS

CLAS Weekly Mailing 03-17-21  



1. Strategic Planning Update  

2. Advising Tips -- Making Virtual Faculty Office Hours more accessible 


3. Calling for expressions of interest in compensated early summer work on CLAS planning 

4. Learning Management System Review 
5. Students working on inequality-focused research? 

6. Fellowship Office announcements and events for students 



7.  Important Due Dates    

8. Upcoming Events   



1. Strategic Planning Update  


Last week, PSS across the College, 3 CLAS units, and the College Curriculum Committee participated in visioning conversations.

Total CLAS Faculty/Staff who have participated at least once: 423 

Total CLAS Faculty/Staff who have submitted comments via the College Strategic Planning Website: 8     


2. Advising Tips  -- Making Virtual Faculty Office Hours more accessible 

Students have mentioned that they really appreciate having multiple places to find information about faculty office hours. To help your students know and use your virtual office hours, a wide net may need to be cast.  While most faculty list office hours on syllabi and Blackboard, an even more thorough campaign may be in order.  Listing these hours on your website profile page, automatic email signature, autoreply to emails, etc. will help ensure that no student finds you unresponsive to a request for an individual advising appointment or question about course materials. This is especially important as students are crafting their schedules for the next academic year. 





3. Calling for expressions of interest in compensated early summer work on CLAS planning 

As we have shared through the Weekly Mailing and the CLAS website , the ideas you have generated through thoughtful visioning conversations in February and March will inform the data analysis work taking place in April. We plan to share some emerging themes at the CLAS spring meeting on May 4 (2-3:30 p.m.).   

We know that these conversations may have felt like one more ask in an overwhelming year. We have heard from some of you, including confessed skeptics, that the experience of gathering with colleagues to think and talk ended up feeling energizing and hopeful. Certainly, the work we’ve done together gives us agency in defining our future and ensures that CLAS has a strong voice in the university planning process. When no one had spare time, you made time for each other. For that we are and will be very grateful.  

The college would like to invite faculty members to consider bringing their expertise to the next stages of the work to be done in May and June.  As this is not part of the usual academic contract period in our college, the approximately 50 hours of work would carry a stipend of $1,000 for each of 20 participants.  We seek a balance of perspectives from across the college so that the resulting distillation of our vision for the public liberal arts and sciences bears the hallmark of our faculty.  This formative stage of the planning process cannot and should not be advanced by administrative staff alone. 

Some key dates this spring/summer: 

May 26 & 27 Two Half-Day Kickoff with Summer SIG members  

June 1 Unit Self-Studies Due  

June 14-25 Summer SIG members small group work  

June 28 & 29 Two Half-Day Meetings with full Summer SIG members – small groups report  

June 30-July 9 Dean Leadership Team to finalize draft  

August 26 Dean Drake to report final draft at the CLAS Fall Start Up Meeting 


Please send expressions of interest to Cindy Laug at [email protected] by March 31. 


4. Learning Management System Review 

This week and next there will be opportunities to review possible contenders for our Learning Management System (LMS).  Blackboard Learn Ultra (note this is not the version GVSU is currently using) and Canvas are the top two vendors that will be reviewed during this process.  See your email of March 12, 2021 10:58 a.m.  for full detail.  Sessions will be recorded and can be viewed from the LMS review website



5. Students working on inequality-focused research? 

Please note this virtual conference on April 24, 2021 to which students from any university are invited to apply. 

Are any of your students working on inequality-focused research? Encourage them to submit an abstract. Projects so far range from topics like food security to racist rhetoric on Twitter to generational inequality in healthcare. 



6. Fellowship Office announcements and events for students 

March 26-18, 34 universities across the UK will collaboratively offer a range of online sessions for North American students and advisors interested in UK Graduate study. This event brings higher education institutions across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to your fingertips! Schedule and registration can be found here: Th!inkUK North America 

The Germany Grad Fair is your pass to explore the exciting opportunities for research, funding, and career advancement through graduate studies in Germany. Meet with representatives from a variety of German universities, funding and exchange institutions, and the German Consulate New York, all of whom will be happy to answer your questions. Schedule and registration can be found here: 

The Latinx44 Scholarship Program was created by former Obama White House staffers Antoinette Rangel and Alexa Kissinger and is funded by dozens of Latinx former Administration officials. The program will award several scholarships to Latinx students to help fund a public service oriented internship in Washington, DC. Recipients will also have mentoring and professional development opportunities throughout the program and beyond. Eligible internships will focus on policy, community engagement, community service, advocacy, or global relations.  The opportunity is open to current college or graduate students, or May 2021 graduates (college includes community, technical, online, and other) who identify as Latinx/a/o. 


Upcoming Events for students 

  • Freeman Asia Writing Workshop – March 19, 2021 at 4 p.m. All GVSU students planning to submit applications for Freeman-Asia Scholarship funding in this application cycle are welcome! GVSU Freeman-Asia award recipients and a Writing Consultant will lead virtual breakout sessions so that you'll receive tailored feedback on your drafts. 

  • Peace Corps Information Session -- March 31, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. Interested in international service? Curious about the Peace Corps ? Eager to learn more about the application process? Join this Information Session to hear from and ask questions of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers as well as the Peace Corps Recruiter for our region.  

  • Boren Scholarship and Fellowship Information Session – April 7, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Curious about fellowship opportunities leading to a career focused on using your language skills in the intelligence and security fields within the U.S. government (across many different agencies and departments, at home and abroad)? This is a great opportunity to learn a critical need language. 



7.  Important Due Dates          


Mar. 17    UH to report Student Surveys to [email protected].  See email of March 2, 8:09 a.m.   

Mar. 8-18  Work Like a Laker virtual conference on jobs for students 

Mar. 19 Employee Self-Evaluation should be complete (for non-PSS employees), by March 19.      

Mar. 19 Supervisor fills out the form (for PSS employees), leaving Section D and the signature/date areas blank, by March 19.      

 Mar. 22  Course Registration starts at 7:00 a.m.  

Mar. 30  Nomination to full professor form to Heidi Nicholson        

Mar. 31   Minor facilities requests for Summer 2021 – minor furniture changes, whiteboards, small department-funded projects.  Submit directly to George McBane ([email protected]).  Prior discussion to establish feasibility, cost, etc. recommended.       

Mar. 31   Fellowship deadlines:    

Apr. 1   Mental break day, no classes.           

Apr. 2 Supervisor prints off a hard copy of the form (with filled out information) and meets with the PSS employee to discuss, by April 2.      

Apr. 6   North America Language and Culture Assistants Program (NALCAP) – April 6, 2021 – North America Language and Culture Assistants Program (NALCAP) Deadline   

Apr. 9    5 p.m. – Drop with a “W” deadline for Winter 2021         

Apr. 15  First Dibs Classroom Requests due to Cindy Laug ([email protected])  

Apr. 23 Supervisor signs/dates the form and scans (for PSS employees), then emails to GV Performance Management by April 23.      

Apr. 23 Supervisor finalizes evaluation (for non-PSS employees), including meeting with employee [Supervisor may begin with feedback as soon as they have received the submitted evaluation from their employee.]      

May 21    Catalog copy changes due to [email protected]     

May 7   Facilities requests for Summer 2022 – changes requiring construction, full-classroom furniture changes, new electrical installations, etc.  Submit to Mona Silva ([email protected]) on Facilities Request Form available at         

Jun. 1   Unit Self-Studies due in GV Advance      



8. Upcoming Events          


Mar. 18     CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium, use form to register to receive the Zoom link.    

Mar. 23    Jim Bove, jeweler, metalsmith, traveler.  For Zoom link to this 1 p.m. talk, email [email protected]        

Mar. 25    GVSU Padnos/Sarosik Civil Discourse Symposium     

Mar. 31     Unit Heads Meeting (Zoom)          

Mar. 31     Peace Corps Information Event. Students interested in international service: Learn more about the application process. 3:30 p.m. Hear from returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps Recruiter for our region.   RSVP for this event to receive a Zoom link.   

Apr. 13   Graduate Showcase 2021   

Apr. 16   Graduate Dean's Citation Awards Virtual Event  

May 4  College Meeting (early afternoon; save the date)





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