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CLAS Weekly Mailing 03-10-21



  1. Strategic Planning Update 

  1. Roxanne Mol, MED to retire April 1 

  1. Advising Tips 

  1. Registration Updates 


  1. Faculty Governance Elections Results 

  1. Fellowships and workshops to share with your intrepid students 

Unit Heads 

  1. Classroom First Dibs Requests 



8.  Important Due Dates   

9. Upcoming Events  



  1. Strategic Planning Update 

Last week, 2 CLAS units participated in visioning conversations. The Strategy and Innovation Group met on Friday. Their conversation focused on the introduction and first chapter of Cathy Davidson’s The New Education, The Hybrid University: Three Major Shifts for the Post-COVID University, and the chapter on “The Liberal Arts College” in David Staley’s Alternative Universities. Their next meeting will be on March 26. 

Total CLAS Faculty/Staff who have participated: 353   

Total CLAS Faculty/Staff who have submitted comments via the College Strategic Planning Website: 8      



  1. Roxanne Mol, MED to retire April 1 

We wish our long-time colleague Roxanne Mol all the very best as she moves into retirement on April 1.  Roxanne joined our office in 2010 as a CLAS Dean’s Office Assistant and was known to many as the coordinator of events, awards, a number of committees, and sabbatical support.  Prior to that, she also served as the secretary to the Movement Science Department and spent several years in Admissions and Housing. Roxanne earned her B.S. from Grand Valley in 2012 and a Master’s in Adult and Higher Education in April of 2014. She joined Toastmaster’s in 2014 and earned her Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Awards. We know that she will be a Laker for a Lifetime as she pursues her many interests from golf to grandkids. 


  1. Advising Tips --Course Withdrawal Deadlines and Late Options 

The deadline date for students to withdraw from a Winter 2021 class is Friday, April 9 at 5:00 p.m. Withdrawals after this date require significant documentation and justification. The Late Drop process outlines the steps students would need to take to request a withdrawal from any one class. These are approved only in truly extenuating circumstances. 


For students who opt to withdraw from all classes in the Winter semester, the deadline for a complete withdrawal is Friday, April 16 by 5:00 pm. The complete withdrawal form must be filled out and returned to the Registrar’s Office by email at [email protected]. No signatures are necessary and there are no tuition refunds associated with a complete withdrawal. If the circumstances justifying the withdrawal are compelling, a request for a tuition refund through the TRAC process can be submitted. As with any withdrawal decision, students should contact the GVSU Financial Aid Office to discuss the impact on future financial aid eligibility. If you have any questions about the complete withdrawal process, please contact AD Schaner at [email protected].  


  1. Registration Updates 

The 2021/2022 Spring/SummerFall and Winter schedules of classes are now available to view in Banner. Students will also receive an email from the Registrar with their assigned registration date. As students prepare for the opening of the registration process, we wanted to direct faculty attention to the CLAS Faculty Advising Repository. This is a handy “one stop” advising resource. Another helpful resource is the CLAS Academic Advising Center where you can access curriculum guides for all CLAS majors and minors for all active catalog years. Registration begins on Monday, March 22


In preparing the course schedule for 2021/2022, units were required to submit two plans – one that assumes a return to “normal”, with face-to-face modalities and usual room capacities, and a second plan that accommodates COVID restrictions and primarily hybrid/online options. To provide students, faculty and staff with clear information about these two options, the Registrar has developed a website that provides a full explanation of the course modality options. 


Finally, new this year, our students will be required to complete five verification tasks in order to gain access to registration:  

  • Financial agreement (basically students need to agree that they are responsible for the tuition for their courses) 

  • Update/provide mobile phone number 

  • Update/provide personal email address 

  • Update/provide permanent and local addresses 

  • Update/provide emergency contacts 

Please encourage students to complete these tasks BEFORE their registration date so that they are ready to register when their time occurs! Students may access these tasks using the following steps: 

  • Select the Student tab, Registration, and Student Registration Self Service 

  • Click on Prepare for Registration to enter the Action Item Processing page 

  • Complete your verification steps. 





  1. Faculty Governance Elections Results 

Faculty Council sincerely thanks CLAS colleagues for participating in the Governance process. New rosters for CLAS and University committees were announced and posted last week. CLAS Governance Bylaws were ratified with 94.4% of participating faculty voting positive. CLAS Faculty Council Bylaws were ratified with 94.3% of participating faculty voting positive.  

Committee rosters will be updated frequently on the CLAS Governance website (TT and AFF) as remaining vacancies are filled. 


  1. Fellowships and workshops to share with your intrepid students 

Freeman Asia Writing Workshop – March 19, 2021 at 4pm 

All GVSU students planning to submit applications for Freeman-Asia Scholarship funding in this application cycle are welcome! GVSU Freeman-Asia award recipients and a Writing Consultant will lead virtual breakout sessions so that you'll receive tailored feedback on your drafts. 

Peace Corps Information Session -- March 31, 2021 at 3:30pm 

Interested in international service? Curious about the Peace Corps ? Eager to learn more about the application process? Join this Information Session to hear from and ask questions of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers as well as the Peace Corps Recruiter for our region.  

Boren Scholarship and Fellowship Information Session – April 7, 2021 at 3:00pm 

Curious about fellowship opportunities leading to a career focused on using your language skills in the intelligence and security fields within the U.S. government (across many different agencies and departments, at home and abroad)? This is a great opportunity to learn a critical need language.  


China-U.S. Scholars Program (CUSP)  (Deadline: April 15, 2021) 

The China-U.S. Scholars Program (CUSP) is an exchange fellowship program for China, Hong Kong SAR (China) and U.S. scholars and students in the arts, humanities and social sciences to teach, study or conduct research abroad in China, Hong Kong SAR (China) or the U.S. in 2021-2022. 

Bridging Scholarship for Study Aboard in Japan (Deadline: April 16, 2021) 

The Bridging Scholarship program is accepting applications from American students participating in study abroad programs in Japan that begin in Fall 2021. Undergraduate students majoring in any field of study and attending any recognized credit-bearing exchange or independent program in Japan are eligible to apply for these scholarships. 


Unit Heads 

  1. Classroom First Dibs Requests 

If you are interested in submitting a request for a “first dibs” classroom for the 2022-2023 academic year, please submit the following information to Cindy Laug for consideration by the CLAS Dean’s Office: 

a.  Justification 

b.  New curricular initiatives involved in the request 

c.  Data backing up request, including how the room will be filled to capacity (15 sections per week, 45 credit hours) 


If you have existing scheduling arrangements involving special needs, please share this information with us.    

We would also like you to review your current “first dibs” rooms.  Not all such rooms are being used fully.  We are interested in supporting “shared first dibs” arrangements that would let two departments work together to fill a room well.  If you are not currently using a dibs room 45 or more hours a week, and would like to propose such a shared arrangement, please let us know.  You can see your room usage from the current schedules in the open slot list files on the “ALL Room Usage” tab on the  Room Capacity page. 

Please submit this information by April 15 to Cindy Laug, [email protected] for consideration. 




8.  Important Due Dates         


 Mar. 8-18  Work Like a Laker virtual conference on jobs for students (slide to share in class) 

Mar. 10      Mental break day, no classes.   Blackboard upgrade in a.m.       

Mar. 12    CLAS Outstanding Service Award nominations are due to the Cindy Laug ([email protected]) in the Dean’s Office.  If the candidate is a staff member who reports directly to the dean, submit nomination to CLAS Dean’s Office         

Mar. 12     Student SSD registration closes  


Mar. 15     Faculty Activity Plan for 2021 need only describe work planned for fall semester 2021         

Mar. 15        Spring/Summer 2021 Staffing Plans due    

Mar. 17    UH to report Student surveys information to [email protected].  See email of March 2, 8:09 a.m.  

Mar. 19 Employee Self-Evaluation should be complete (for non-PSS employees), by March 19.     

Mar. 19 Supervisor fills out the form (for PSS employees), leaving Section D and the signature/date areas blank, by March 19.     

 Mar. 22  Course Registration starts at 7:00 a.m. 

Mar. 30  Nomination to full professor form to Heidi Nicholson       

Mar. 31   Minor facilities requests for Summer 2021 – minor furniture changes, whiteboards, small department-funded projects.  Submit directly to George McBane ([email protected]).  Prior discussion to establish feasibility, cost, etc. recommended.      


Mar. 31   Fellowship deadlines:   


Apr. 1   Mental break day, no classes.          

Apr. 2 Supervisor prints off a hard copy of the form (with filled out information) and meets with the PSS employee to discuss, by April 2.     

Apr. 6   North America Language and Culture Assistants Program (NALCAP) – April 6, 2021 – North America Language and Culture Assistants Program (NALCAP) Deadline  


Apr. 9    5 p.m. – Drop with a “W” deadline for Winter 2021        


Apr. 15  First Dibs Classroom Requests due to Cindy Laug ([email protected]

Apr. 23 Supervisor signs/dates the form and scans (for PSS employees), then emails to GV Performance Management by April 23.     

Apr. 23 Supervisor finalizes evaluation (for non-PSS employees), including meeting with employee [Supervisor may begin with feedback as soon as they have received the submitted evaluation from their employee.]     

May 21    Catalog copy changes due to [email protected]    


May 7   Facilities requests for Summer 2022 – changes requiring construction, full-classroom furniture changes, new electrical installations, etc.  Submit to Mona Silva ([email protected]) on Facilities Request Form available at      


 Jun. 1   Unit Self-Studies due in GV Advance     



9. Upcoming Events         


Mar. 16    Mosaic Lecture “A Dream Deferred: 50 Years of Blacks in Mathematics”, Dr. Edray Goins. 4 p.m. 

Mar. 18     CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium, use form to register to receive the Zoom link.   

Mar. 23    Jim Bove, jeweler, metalsmith, traveler.  For Zoom link to this 1 p.m. talk, email [email protected]       

Mar. 25    GVSU Padnos/Sarosik Civil Discourse Symposium    

Mar. 31     Unit Heads Meeting (Zoom)         

Mar. 31     Peace Corps Information Event. Students interested in international service: Learn more about the application process. 3:30 p.m. Hear from returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps Recruiter for our region.   RSVP for this event to receive a Zoom link.  

Apr. 13   Graduate Showcase 2021  

Apr. 16   Graduate Dean's Citation Awards Virtual Event 




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