Weekly Mailing to TT, AFF, VIS, AP, PSS in CLAS

CLAS Weekly Mailing 02-10-21 


1. Strategic Plan Update 

2. Advising and Registration Tips  


3. Oldenburg Writing Contest 

4. Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship 

5. Welcome New Assoc. Director in the Fellowships Office 

Unit Heads

6. 2020-2021 Performance Plan 


7.  Important Due Dates     


8. Upcoming Events



1. Strategic Plan Update 

Last week, 3 units and the College Personnel Committee participated in visioning conversations. On Friday, the Strategy and Innovation Group meet for their first meeting. If you are interested in the material they are reading and discussing, you can find that information on the CLAS Strategic Planning website. That website also provides a web form where you can submit your ideas and considerations for the future of our College. 

Total CLAS Faculty/Staff who have participated: 115 


2. Advising and Registration Tips  


The 2021 Spring/Summer schedule of classes is now available to view in Banner. The Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 schedules will be viewable on March 1. Students will also receive an email from the Registrar with their assigned registration date. As students ready for the opening of the registration process, we wanted to direct faculty attention to the CLAS Faculty Advising Repository. This is a handy “one stop” advising resource. Another helpful resource is the CLAS Academic Advising Center where you can access curriculum guides for all CLAS majors and minors for all active catalog years. Registration begins on Monday, March 22. 


New this year, the student Guest Application process has changed. Previously, students used one uniform guest application to apply to any Michigan school. The new process requires that students who wish to attend elsewhere during the spring/summer semester use the application specific to the institution they plan to attend. Please refer students to the website for the transfer school for assistance.  

Students can search for schools that offer specific courses accepted by GVSU by using the Michigan Transfer Network and selecting the “Transfer Your Courses” option.   


3. Oldenburg Writing Contest 

Open to all GVSU undergrad & graduate students 

Categories include: fiction, poetry, drama, scholarly essay and persuasive essay First-place prize - $100 Second-place prize - $75; third-place prize - $50 

Entries accepted online anytime through March 12, 2021 A full list of categories and contest rules can be found on our website. 

Presented by the English Department, in conjunction with the Departments of Classics & Writing 


4. Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship 

From CIEE:  

Please encourage your best students of color to apply for this FULLY FUNDED FELLOWSHIP to study abroad in Dublin in summer 2021.  The Frederick Douglass Global Fellows will study in Ireland, co-sponsored by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs in honor of the 175th anniversary of the meeting in Dublin between 27-year-old Frederick Douglass and Irish reformer Daniel O'Connell. 

The Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, a competitive award for outstanding students of color, covers all costs of participation in a four-week summer program that is focused on leadership, intercultural communication, and social justice.  

The application deadline is this Sunday, Feb. 14.   


5. Welcome New Assoc. Director in the Fellowships Office 

The Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement (CUSE) welcomes Dr. Brenda Tooley as Associate Director, with primary responsibility for the direction of the Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships. Bren comes to GVU as an experienced academic administrator and faculty member with a focus in recent years on international education and international students. Her deep knowledge of fellowships is only surpassed by her enthusiasm and commitment to working with students as they explore opportunities. She is honored and delighted to be a member of the CUSE team and looks forward to helping students prepare for life-changing opportunities as undergraduates and alumni. She serves on a number of national review panels, wide experience with international programs along with competitive scholarship and fellowship advising. Please reach out to Bren with all your fellowship questions. 



For Unit Heads 


6. 2020-2021 Performance Plan 


Information on the 2020-2021 Performance Evaluation Transition Year Process is available on the Human Resources Website. Due dates are noted below in the calendar. 




7.  Important Due Dates     


Feb. 10     FAO Schwarz Fellows deadline. Contact Meijer Office of Fellowships for assistance.     

Feb. 10    Online system for Visitor Requests opens    

Feb. 12   Units submit contract renewal materials to the dean’s office (CLAS Personnel Committee)     

Feb .12  Request for Alteration of Sabbatical Project form due to Dean    

Feb. 16   ECS/UAS Faculty Forum on Shared Governance  

Feb. 17    Unit Heads to provide recommendations for graduate Phi Kappa Phi candidates to Elyssa Durham. Project Coordinator, Registrar's Office  

Feb. 17   ECS/UAS Faculty Forum on Shared Governance 

Feb. 19    Units submit tenure and promotion materials to the dean’s office (CLAS Personnel Committee)      

Feb. 20     Cook Leadership Academy nominations due.      

Feb. 22   provide feedback on draft of new University mission, vision, values statements

Feb. 24      Online system for Visitor Requests closes at 5 p.m.    

Feb. 26       Unit sabbatical recommendations due    

Feb. 26      Units submit promotion only materials (promotion to associate professor if not associated with a tenure decision)      

Mar. 2     Gilman Scholarship Student Deadline: 11:59pm Pacific Time   

Mar. 1        Nominator should submit form to the candidate’s unit head/supervisor for CLAS Service Awards     

Mar. 10      Mental break day, no classes.      

Mar. 13      If CLAS Service Award candidate is a staff member who reports directly to the dean, submit nomination to CLAS Dean’s Office     

Mar. 15     Faculty Activity Plan for 2021 need only describe work planned for fall semester 2021     

Mar. 19 Employee Self-Evaluation should be complete (for non-PSS employees), by March 19. 

Mar. 19 Supervisor fills out the form (for PSS employees), leaving Section D and the signature/date areas blank, by March 19. 

Mar. 30  Nomination to full professor form to Heidi Nicholson   

Mar. 31   Minor facilities requests for Summer 2021 – minor furniture changes, whiteboards, small projects to be funded by the department.  Submit directly to George McBane ([email protected]).  Prior discussion to establish feasibility, cost, etc. recommended.  

Apr. 1   Mental break day, no classes.      

Apr. 2 Supervisor prints off a hard copy of the form (with filled out information) and meets with the PSS employee to discuss, by April 2. 

Apr. 9    5 p.m. – Drop with a “W” deadline for Winter 2021     

Apr. 23 Supervisor signs/dates the form and scans (for PSS employees), then emails to GV Performance Management by April 23. 

Apr. 23 Supervisor finalizes evaluation (for non-PSS employees), including meeting with employee [Supervisor may begin with feedback as soon as they have received the submitted evaluation from their employee.] 

May 7   Facilities requests for Summer 2022 – changes requiring construction, full-classroom furniture changes, new electrical installations, etc.  Submit to Mona Silva ([email protected]) on Facilities Request Form 

 Jun. 1   Unit Self-Studies due in GV Advance 



8.  Upcoming Events     


Feb. 10     Unit Heads Meeting (Zoom)     

Feb. 12     AWRI Seminar Series: Photo-Phagotrophs in Planktonic Environments. Please contact Heidi Feldpausch at [email protected] to participate. The Zoom ID and passcode will be sent out prior to the seminar.   

Feb. 15-17 Repair Clinic drop off 12 – 2:30 p.m. B-4-232 MAK.


Feb. 18      CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium,


Feb 19     Academic Integrity Workshop for Faculty. To register for the February 19, 9-10:30 a.m. session, see the OSCCR website.   


Feb. 24      Unit Heads Meeting (Zoom)     

Feb. 26     AWRI Seminar Series: Sars-Cov-2 Testing in Wastewater: Welcome to The Digital World of PCR. Please contact Heidi Feldpausch at [email protected] if you are interested in participating. The Zoom ID and passcode will be sent out prior to the seminar.   

Mar. 18     CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium   

Mar. 31     Unit Heads Meeting (Zoom)     



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