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CLAS Weekly Mailing 01-26-22 



1. Incomplete Grades Do Not Automatically Default 

2. February Repair Clinic—format depending on alert level 

3. Advising Tips 



4. New Active Learning Classrooms in MAK for 22-23 



5. Important deadlines  

6. Upcoming events  


COVID Policy 



1. Incomplete Grades Do Not Automatically Default 

Incomplete grades must be resolved by the instructor or an assigned proxy with a Grade Change Form. The Grade Change Form can be found on the Registrar’s website under the “Faculty/Staff” tab. Before sending the form to the CLAS Dean’s Office ([email protected]), please check to make sure you have included the student’s G-number, the correct semester and year that the student took the course, as well as the new grade to be assigned. 


2. February Repair Clinic—format depending on alert level 

As explained on the poster, the Repair Clinic will be in person on Feb. 23 if we return to Alert Level 2 but will go ahead by drop off and pick up over the week of Feb. 21-25 if we remain at Alert Level 3. More information on Repair Clinic


3. Advising Tips  


FERPA Guidelines  

FERPA guidelines and information are listed on our Registrar’s Office website (network login required to access FERPA page). This includes: 

FERPA Guidelines  

Faculty/Staff Responsibilities under FERPA  

FERPA Release form for Reference Requests/Letters of Recommendation (this form should be used for current and former students). 

FERPA Release form for non-public information:   

This form should be filled out by the student each time there is a request for information to be released to a third party, such as a parent or guardian. 

A new form is required for each interaction/request for information to be released. 

There is no “blanket” form that allows third parties to have access to all student records across the university. 


Proxy Access – Banner 

Students may grant proxy access to their Banner accounts to specific third parties, including parents, guardians, and supporters, and is done by the student through their personal Banner access. 

Permissions granted through this access can include grades, student schedule, academic transcripts, student accounts and financial aid information, and myPath. 

Students choose the level of access for each third party and can change the access at any time. 

This proxy access DOES NOT grant third parties access to non-Banner information such as discussions with faculty regarding grades or attendance, or with advisors regarding the content of advising notes or appointments. Requests of information of this type require the student to complete the Permission to Release Non-Public Information, which is linked above. 


CLAS Academic Advising Center and Unit Liaisons 

Each unit in CLAS has dedicated professional advisors from the CLAS Academic Advising Center assigned to serve as the liaison in each area. In addition, each academic unit has designated advising liaisons. You can find the full list on the CLAS Faculty Repository.  




4. New Active Learning Classrooms in MAK for 22-23 

 Facilities Planning and IT have configured two new “active learning classrooms” in MAK.  Technology introductions and technical support for faculty teaching in these rooms will be provided by IT. The rooms are set up for dual delivery to remote and in-room students simultaneously, particularly for discussion-based pedagogy.  They include:  

  • multiple screens that can project both a gallery view of the remote students and instructional material,   

  • ceiling-mounted microphones so remote students or presenters can hear what in-class students say,  

  • cameras with pan/tilt/zoom control, full views of the whiteboard, and, in  B-1-110, automatic tracking of instructor,  

  • dual monitor instructor stations,  

  • movable furniture.  

MAK A-1-111 (capacity 38 students) is already fairly heavily scheduled, but B-1-110 (cap 36) is currently unscheduled for Summer 22, Fall 22, and Winter 23.  Each unit interested in moving courses into one of these rooms should send a message specifying which specific sections they would like to move to Mona Silva by February 15.   After that deadline, the Colleges and Registrar will work to assign slots as well as possible.   


The first issue of the university’s Active Learning Classroom newsletter contains information and links on the use of active learning classrooms.  Some further details of the technology configuration in the new rooms are available from Robert Talbert




5.  Important‌ ‌deadlines      ‌        ‌ ‌ ‌                               

Anytime       Faculty can self-submit an item for the FORUM.   [email protected]           ‌ ‌     ‌ ‌ ‌   ‌               

Jan. 27    Provost candidate #4   

Jan. 28       For joint appointments and other reassignments, date by which secondary unit head   

submits feedback on FAR to primary unit’s head so that this feedback can appropriately be taken into consideration.      

Feb. 4       75% tuition refund deadline    

Feb. 7       Nominations for governance committee close    

Feb. 11     Units submit contract renewal materials to the Dean’s Office (CLAS Personnel Committee      

Feb. 11-18 AFF Faculty vote in election for AFAC and CAFAC.  

Feb. 14-21 TT Faculty vote in election for CLAS and University committees  

Feb. 15    Requests to move S22/F22/W23 sections into Active Learning classrooms in MAK should be sent to Mona Silva 

Feb. 18    Units submit tenure and promotion materials to the Dean’s Office (CLAS Personnel Committee)      

Feb. 18     Last date by which unit’s peer review should be complete, considering joint appointment feedback when relevant. (Units may opt for earlier deadlines.)       

Feb. 25     Units submit promotion only materials (promotion to associate professor if not associated with a tenure decision)      

Feb. 25    The registration process for SSD begins on February 7- February 25, 2022.  

Mar. 1     Mid-term grades due by 12:00 noon      

Mar. 1     Annual Schedule goes live in Banner  

Mar. 6 – 13  Spring Break      

Mar. 9      Date by which unit head submits electronic FARs, CVs, and Unit Head Summaries to     Dean’s office.   

Mar. 11  “W” deadline (by 5 p.m.)     

Mar. 15  CLAS Award Nominations due to Dean’s Office (Kristin Winfrey)   

Mar. 15 Spring/Summer Staffing Plans due to the Dean’s Office 

Mar. 21   Open Registration Begins  

Mar. 30  Facilities requests for Summer 22 small projects (minor furniture changes, whiteboards, small department-funded projects) should be sent to George McBane. Prior discussion to establish feasibility, cost, etc. recommended. 




6. Upcoming‌ ‌events         ‌ ‌ ‌                               

Jan. 27   Blood drive, KC 2263, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.  

Feb. 2   Unit Head Meeting via Zoom 

Feb. 3   Blood drive, Holton-Hooker Hall, 11 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.    

Feb. 3   Fulbright U.S. Scholar Information Session, 3 p.m. Zoom. Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships                    

Feb. 8      Faculty Awards Convocation, virtual  

Feb. 16   Unit Head Meeting via Zoom 

Feb. 17   CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium, 3 p.m.       

Feb. 18-19  Sixth annual Roger That! public symposium on space exploration    

Feb. 22     Grand Morsels  

Feb. 23  Repair Clinic (format to be decided depending on Alert Level closer to the event)   

Mar. 2   Unit Head Meeting via Zoom 

Mar. 14   GVSU Arts Celebration Poetry Night  (virtual)          

Mar. 16   Unit Head Meeting via Zoom 

Mar. 19   2022 Michigan History Day Region 4 

Mar. 29   2022 Mosaic Lecture.  Dr. Mariel Vazquez, professor of Mathematics at UC Davis      

Mar. 29     Grand Morsels  

Mar. 30   Unit Head Meeting via Zoom 

Mar. 31   New Music Ensemble Composition Competition        

Apr. 5      GVSU Arts Celebration Lecture presents: An Evening with Hanif Abdurraqib    (virtual)             

Apr. 9   Princeton Review free/online virtual exam, MCAT Practice Test (April 9)         

Apr. 9   Princeton Review free/online virtual exam, GRE Practice Test (April 9)         

Apr. 9   Princeton Review free/online virtual exam, DAT Practice Test (April 9)        

Apr. 13  26th Annual Student Scholar Day 

Apr. 13   Unit Head Meeting via Zoom 

Apr. 14 The Arnold C. Ott Lectureship in Chemistry: Microplastics are Here, There, and Everywhere. 5 p.m. reception for 6 p.m. lecture. Grand River Room, KC. 

Apr. 26   Grand Morsels  




COVID Policy Links

Lakers Together 

Attendance policy

Travel Risk Assessment Tool and other travel information

Face Coverings Compliance Protocol (including employee FAQs)

Cancellation/Closure/Remote policy (SLT 6.3) which was updated in 2020 by the Senior Leadership Team.


Nominations for Governance Committees—acceptance step 

If you have nominated yourself for a governance committee or committees, you must use the acceptance form to complete the nomination process. 

If you receive an email saying you have been nominated by a colleague, you will not appear on the ballot unless you accept the nomination on the acceptance form. 

The acceptance form asks for a short statement for the ballot. 

Ballot statements will appear on this election webpage (for TT candidates, for AFF candidates) within about 24 hours of receipt—this is not an automated process, so the webmaster appreciates some grace. 


Newsletters/Messages You Might Have Missed 

In case you missed it, here is the new CUSE newsletter

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CLAS Newsletters are archived online


Contract tracing: Contact tracing in classrooms and faculty and staff meetings has been discontinued. Instructors are no longer asked to maintain seating records for their class meetings. 


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