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CLAS Weekly Mailing 01-12-22



1. Fall grade submissions and advising tips 

2. CLAS congratulates CSCE award winners 

3. Some job duties moving between ADs 

4. Pass on to appropriate students 

5. Claim one of three free passes to the 2022 Art & Science of Aging Conference, scheduled for February 25 


6. CLAS Service Award nominations 

7. Niemeyer Student Awards nomination deadline is January 21 


AFF Faculty   

8. Affiliate Committee elections 


TT Faculty 

9. Tenure track governance elections announcement 


Unit Heads 

10. Keep us on your mailing list, please 



11. Important deadlines           

12. Upcoming events           


COVID policy links          


Call for art   






1. Fall grade submissions and advising tips 

For the first time in many years, CLAS met the Fall grade submission deadline! Many thanks to our faculty, PSS and unit heads for their diligence in making this possible.  

Incomplete Grade Resolutions 

Starting this semester, the outreach to faculty to request resolutions for outstanding incomplete grades will be administered by Mona Silva in the Deans Office. The requests will go directly to the faculty, and grade changes will be submitted directly to her. We will no longer require PSS and/or unit heads to coordinate this process. If unit heads would like a full list of the incomplete grades for their units, please contact Mona for that information ([email protected]). This will be the process going forward.  


Faculty Advising Tips and Student Success Information 

  • Drop/Add Week – students may make changes to their schedules through Friday, January 14 at 5:00 p.m. Be aware that you may find new students in your classes each day as they get settled into their final schedules, and also be prepared for questions on making up any missed work. We ask that you accommodate these students as appropriate. 

  • Late Add Process: Students who wish to add classes after the open registration date (January 14 at 5:00 p.m.) will need to follow the posted procedure. Late registrations typically include additional tuition and late fees. 

  • Credit/No Credit Grade Requests: Students have until Friday, January 14 by 5:00 p.m. to request the Credit/No Credit grade option for Winter 2022 courses. The online process routes students through the appropriate permissions needed to use this grading option. 

  • Course Drop/Add/Refund Schedule for Winter 2022 is now posted to the Registrar’s website. If your course starts or ends outside of the traditional course schedule, students should be referred to the Registrar’s Office (616) 331-3327 for information on drop and refund schedules. 

  • Faculty Repository – just a reminder, the CLAS Faculty Advisor Repository continues to be a great source of information regarding all GVSU policies and procedures that pertain to academic advising, as well as a wealth of information on student success. Bookmark it for easy access! 

  • The CLAS Academic Advising Center will be holding both virtual and in-person drop-in advising sessions every day during the first week of classes. For in-person, just visit the Center in C-1-120/140 MAK; for virtual, refer the students to the virtual front desk for check-in. 

  • The Registrar’s Office provides a wealth of information regarding the academic calendar and important dates, all graduation policies, FERPA regulations, Banner training and more.  

  • Students of Concern: Students with academic or other concerns are often best assisted directly and discreetly by faculty and staff who have the closest relationships. The Dean of Students Office has provided a reference guide for "tips" on how to help students, and how to refer a student for either academic (via the online Navigate system) or non-academic (via the online CARE system) concern. 



2. CLAS congratulates CSCE award winners 

CSCE Distinguished Early Career Scholar Award: Laura Hawk (Chemistry) 

CSCE Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award: Sok Kean Khoo (Cell and Molecular Biology) 

CSCE Distinguished Undergraduate Mentoring Award: Martin Burg (Biomedical Sciences) 



3. Some job duties moving between ADs 

“Staff personnel” has moved from AD Donovan Anderson to AD Michelle McCloud. “Faculty personnel” will remain with AD Anderson. Any issues related to the items noted below, should now be addressed to AD Michelle McCloud.  

  • University and CLAS policies and procedures relating to staff  

  • Managing the hiring of staff  

  • Complaints and grievances by or relating to staff  

  • Staff Roundtables  

  • Liaison with the Staff Advisory Committee  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to AD McCloud at [email protected] or (616) 331-2263. 


4. Pass on to appropriate students 

Would you like to travel to both Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, Canada to learn from subject matter experts about DHS’s international partnerships? We are happy to announce this new opportunity! 

The Professional Opportunities for Student Workforce to Experience Research (HS-POWER) Program is now offering undergraduate and graduate students hands-on experiences with federal facilities and other HS-STEM focused international partners in both Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, Canada.   

The HS-Power Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate Office of University Programs is open to students majoring in a broad spectrum of homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines as well as DHS mission-relevant research areas. You will gain a competitive edge as you apply your education, talent and skills in a variety of settings within the DHS enterprise. You will also establish connections with DHS professionals that facilitate long-term relationships between yourself, researchers, DHS personnel and research facilities. 

For additional information and to apply, visit: 

Please help spread the word and note that there is a quick turnaround so apply by the deadline of January 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time Zone. If you have any questions please contact Cedricka Harris at [email protected]


5. Claim one of three free passes to the 2022 Art & Science of Aging Conference, scheduled for February 25 

CLAS is a sponsor of the 2022 Art & Science of Aging Conference, scheduled for February 25.  Passes will be awarded in the order requests are received.  Email [email protected].  More information on the conference is on the conference website


6. CLAS Service Award nominations  


Form for CLAS Service Award Nominations with criteria 

The CLAS Outstanding Service Awards Nomination Form is due to your unit head by March 1. The unit head is responsible for assembling the nominee’s materials and submitting to Kristin in the CLAS Dean’s Office ([email protected]) by March 15. The CLAS Service Awards include: 

  • CLAS Lifetime Faculty Service Award 

  • CLAS Annual Faculty Service Award 

  • CLAS Administrative and Professional Service Award  

  • CLAS Teaching Excellence Award for Affiliate Faculty Teaching Intro Level Classes 


7. Niemeyer Student Awards nomination deadline is January 21 

The Niemeyer Awards nominations are due to the CLAS Dean’s Office ([email protected]) by January 21. For more information, timeline and Nomination Form, go to the Provost website    


AFF Faculty   

8. Affiliate Committee elections 

Affiliate faculty elections will be held during the Winter 2022 semester. Please nominate yourself or a colleague for a position and be sure to vote when the ballot opens.   

Nominations will open Monday, January 24, and will remain open until Monday, February 7. Following the nominations period, the election ballot will be open Friday, February 11, through Friday, February 18. AFF Committee Nomination form

We appreciate your participation in the election process! 

Current rosters are posted on the CLAS Affiliate faculty elections webpage

Please note that CLAS elections use approval voting.  When the ballot opens, you may, and are encouraged to, vote for all candidates you believe are qualified for the positions.  Positions will be assigned to the candidate with the highest number of votes. Candidates with the next highest number of votes will form an important alternate pool for vacancies that open during the year. 
Questions may be directed to Len O’Kelly, Chair of CLAS Faculty Council at:  [email protected] 



TT Faculty 

9.   Tenure track governance elections announcement  


It is time once again for us to hold elections for the various faculty governance committees, both at the College and University levels.  

The past year working through the pandemic has been very difficult on all of us. That said, the work that needs to be done to make sure our students – and our faculty and staff – are supported doesn’t go away. Many of our committees are currently running below the numbers needed to effectively share the necessary work they accomplish.  

I am asking each of you who are willing and able to consider nominating yourself for a position on a committee for 2022-23. The CLAS Faculty Governance website has a list of all standing committees, what they do, and when they meet. Likewise, nominations of others are also welcome. (Individuals must accept nominations – whether made by self or by others – to appear on the ballot.) 

The nomination period will open on Monday, January 24 and will close on Monday, Feb. 7, 2022 (midnight). Nominations for TT positions on the Winter ballot

The Election Ballot dates are from Monday, February 14 - Monday, February 21.    

TT Election information will be there as well as on the CLAS website.  


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to write Len O’Kelly at [email protected]



Unit Heads    

10. Keep us on your mailing list, please 

If your unit is producing a publication such as an alumni newsletter, please copy Dean Drake and Monica Johnstone.  Thank you. 






11.  Important‌ ‌deadlines      ‌        ‌ ‌ ‌                             

Anytime       Faculty can self-submit an item for the FORUM.   [email protected]           ‌ ‌     ‌ ‌ ‌   ‌             
Each Day     All members of the GVSU community must fill out the online self-assessment each day they are on campus. (VAT)          

Jan. 14     Credit/No Credit request deadline (by 5 p.m.)    

Jan. 14      Last day to add, register, or pay and 100% tuition refund deadline    

Jan. 14       Faculty use Digital Measures to create their Faculty Activity Reports (FARs) and submit to their unit heads, along with an updated CV. Joint appointees submit to BOTH unit heads.    

Jan. 14       Date by which unit head lets Associate Dean Anderson know of unit decision regarding waiving unit peer review process.     

Jan. 17      Martin Luther King, Jr. Day recess—the university is closed.    

Jan. 18     Provost candidate #1 

Jan. 18, 19, 20 Tutoring Director candidates’ talks 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  

Jan. 19     Unit Head Meeting 3-5 p.m.   

Jan. 20     Provost candidate #2 

Jan. 20     CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium, 3 p.m. 

Jan. 21     Budget Planning Template due to Dean’s Office, Rafael Juarez-Yuen 

Jan. 21 Niemeyer Student Award Nominations due to Dean’s Office (Kristin Winfrey)    

Jan. 21   Deadline to apply for the 3-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT). Students completing graduate-level independent research, dissertations, and theses are eligible to participate.    

Jan. 24    Faculty governance nominations open today 

Jan. 24    Provost candidate #3 

Jan. 24      Visitor Request System for 2022-2023 academic year due; online system closes   

Jan. 27    Provost candidate #4 

Jan. 28       For joint appointments and other reassignments, date by which secondary unit head submits feedback on FAR to primary unit’s head so that this feedback can appropriately be taken into consideration.    

Feb. 4       75% tuition refund deadline    

Feb. 11     Units submit contract renewal materials to the Dean’s Office (CLAS Personnel Committee)    

Feb. 18     Units submit tenure and promotion materials to the Dean’s Office (CLAS  Personnel Committee)    

Feb. 18       Last date by which unit’s peer review should be complete, considering joint appointment feedback when relevant. (Units may opt for earlier deadlines.)     

Feb. 25      Units submit promotion only materials (promotion to associate professor if not associated with a tenure decision)    

Mar. 1      Mid-term grades due by 12:00 noon    

Mar. 6 – 13  Spring Break    

Mar. 11    “W” deadline (by 5 p.m.)   

Mar. 15  CLAS Award Nominations due to Dean’s Office (Kristin Winfrey) 



12. Upcoming‌ ‌events         ‌ ‌ ‌                             

Jan 19     Promoting Active Learning  (ACUE) January 22 for faculty of all types. Application deadline January 19.   

Jan. 20   Opening 5-8 p.m. Sorrow/Fullness: A Reflection on Mourning.            

Feb. 8      Faculty Awards Convocation, 4 p.m. Loosemore   

Feb. 17   CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium, 3 p.m.     

Feb. 18-19  Sixth annual Roger That! public symposium on space exploration  

Feb. 23 Repair Clinic (format to be decided depending on Alert Level closer to the event) 

Mar. 14   GVSU Arts Celebration Poetry Night          

Mar. 29   2022 Mosaic Lecture.  Dr. Mariel Vazquez, professor of Mathematics at UC Davis    

Mar. 31   New Music Ensemble Composition Competition      

Apr. 5      GVSU Arts Celebration Lecture presents: An Evening with Hanif Abdurraqib         

Apr. 9   Princeton Review free/online virtual exam, MCAT Practice Test (April 9)       

Apr. 9   Princeton Review free/online virtual exam, GRE Practice Test (April 9)       

Apr. 9   Princeton Review free/online virtual exam, DAT Practice Test (April 9)       



COVID Policy Links

Lakers Together 

Travel Risk Assessment Tool and other travel information

Face Coverings Compliance Protocol (including employee FAQs)

Cancellation/Closure/Remote policy (SLT 6.3) which was updated in 2020 by the Senior Leadership Team.

Call for art

THE MASK: A Reluctant Adornment 

Feb 28- March 25, 2022            Padnos Student Art Gallery, Calder Art Center 

The COVD mask is one of the most effective ways of slowing the spread of the virus, but it is also so much more than a tool. It has become a space for controversy, a battleground for political beliefs, or a simple expression of your interests—a canvas for expression. The COVID Mask has become a necessary but reluctant form of adornment and a powerful expression of our times. Using whatever medium speaks to you, create a piece of artwork that expresses how you feel about the COVID mask, our current situation, or reflect on its impact in our world or your life. 

This exhibition will not include any work that debases the sanctity of life or hurts others. 

Who can participate: The exhibition is open to students, faculty, staff, and administration 

When is work due: Work needs to be turned in between Feb 24-25 from 11am-5pm 

Where to turn in work: 1806, Jewelry and Metalsmithing Studio, Calder Art Center 

Contact: Renee Zettle-Sterling, [email protected]  




New “One Stop Shop” resource for supporting students  

With changing resources and needs, we thought it would be handy to have a single webpage resource connecting many of the services on campus that faculty members can use to support students.  Supporting Students: Quicklinks for Faculty and Staff   Please send suggestions for improvements to [email protected].   


Town Hall January 19 

Employees have the opportunity to meet the new HR Representatives and ask the HR team and Vice President for Finance and Administration questions during a Human Resources Virtual Town Hall January 19. Register for the event via Sprout


It’s a little harder to hear about resources now that there are fewer hallway conversations.  Here are two that might come in handy. 

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