The CLAS Teacher December 2017

Newsletter for Visiting, Affiliate and Adjunct faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 



The CLAS Faculty Council has put together a resource for assisting students in distress: 

It is Dark Out There!


Grand Valley State University Police Department joins over 1,000 campuses nationwide to use the Guardian mobile safety app powered by Rave Mobile Safety.

Sign up with your GVSU email and the free app is available on all of the University's campuses: Holland, Allendale, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Muskegon, and Traverse City.

The emergency call button can send an immediate alert to GVPD with a single click, providing the user's information and GPS location to Police. Users can also send text or photos directly to GVPD if they witness something suspicious.

RAVE Guardian link  

The Forecast Says Snow


What if there is a snow cancellation on a day you teach or are due to give a final exam?  Weather Emergency infoCancellation policy.

Faculty Absence from Class Policy

Just as you should have a policy about student absences from your classes, the university has a policy concerning your own absence from your classes. Basically, you are responsible for meeting all classes for which you are scheduled. In those cases where absences can be anticipated, approval for such absences must be obtained in advance from the unit head. You are then responsible for arranging for substitutes or otherwise covering your teaching assignments. If you must be absent from teaching responsibilities due to an emergency or illness that occurs during working hours, you should notify the unit head as well as your office coordinator, who will notify students either before class begins or at the start of the scheduled class, whichever is possible. When an emergency occurs and you are unable to reach the unit head or office coordinator, if it is possible, you should post a notice on Blackboard to notify your students that class is canceled and send an email to your unit head.

Getting Your Grades in Properly and Why It Matters

Tuesday, December 19, Grades are due in Banner before noon.  Banner closes at this time so that important reports can be run. 

Grading must be done in Banner, not just Blackboard.

Many students must have a certain grade point average in order to keep their financial aid.  Others must reach a certain GPA to avoid dismissal.  Some students must have a certain grade in a particular course in order to fulfill a requirement for a course they want to take.  Secondary admit programs are looking at both GPA and prerequisites.

Staff in records often work after hours if there are delays in grade reporting.  Staff in your department must chase faculty whose grades are late.

For these and other reasons, a missing grade can lead to work and heartache, so a careful review that all grades are in before the deadline, that any Incomplete grades given are handled correctly, and avoid the most frequent grade reporting error―omission of LDAA for a failing grade. Please be sure to include that Last Date of Academic Activity (LDAA). That’s a federal requirement.

Please plan to enter final grades prior to noon and leave contact information with your unit's office in the event of a missing grade or grades. 

Our Commitment to Support All Students


CLAS shares Disability Support Resources’ commitment to “strive to provide persons with disabilities with the resources needed to be successful as a student”.  All of our faculty should acquaint themselves with their role in providing appropriate accommodations.  Learn more at the DSR portal.