Project funded in the Urban Cluster: Fair Housing 49507

Student Presents at Community Event

Student poster presentation at the Mary Idema Pew Library, January 10, 2014

Project Summary

In October 2013, the Fair Housing 49507 project was funded as part of the Urban Research Cluster. The goal of this interdisciplinary project is to work collaboratively with the Fair Housing Center West Michigan (FHCWM) in the 49507 neighborhood in Grand Rapids.

Within the larger framework of demonstrating a successful model of urban revitalization over a 3-year period, the Research Cluster project focused on the question "What are the intersections between housing data and access to other social determinant's in people's lives?"

Project Outcomes

Outcomes of the Fair Housing 49507 research cluster project include the following:

  1. The roles and next phase of the project partners (FHCWM and GVSU) continue to be defined.
  2. Students from several participating classes at GVSU obtained baseline data and historical background on the 49507 neighborhood. A list of participating faculty and classes is provided below.
  3. The initial phase of the collaboration between the university and community has been documented in narrative and photos, along with qualitative and quantitative data gathered from participating students and faculty.
  4. Results have been shared in a number of venues on campus and beyond.
  5. The Office for Community Engagement at GVSU is seeking external grant funding for a related project, based on learning from the 49507 project.


Faculty and Classes participating in the Fair Housing 49507 Project

Fall 2013

Dr. Roy Cole: Geography and Planning 495, Capstone

Dr. Patricia Houser: Geography and Planning 495, Capstone

Dr. Matthew Daley, History 323, Michigan History

Dr. Paul Isely: Economics 495, Capstone

Dr. Joel Stillerman: Sociology 351, Urban Sociology


Winter 2014

Dr. Rachel Campbell: Sociology 499, Independent Study

Dr. Neil Buckwalter: Public Administration 307, Local Politics and Administration

Dr. Aaron Lowen, Economics 495, Capstone


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