CLAS Acts October 2016

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October is always busier than any month has a right to be, but some of the duties are very pleasant indeed.  For instance, I’m very much enjoying preparations for remarks at History’s author reception celebrating new books by Steve Tripp and Steeve Buckridge.  Universities supply us with many, many opportunities to experience the vicarious joy of our colleagues’ achievements. 


I hope you already have your tickets for the Shakespeare Festival events which are happening right now.  Check out the GVSU and SeoulTech Art and Design Faculty Exhibition in the Art Gallery in PAC.  Arts at Noon is in full swing. It is a vibrant period in which to squeeze in ArtPrize and I know that our Dir. of Communication, Monica Johnstone is very grateful for the faculty support of her participation in Circular Abstractions up at the Muskegon Museum of Art.  And of course, the university has a wide variety of events associated with the Fall Arts Celebration.  There is, of course far more than that, so it pays to regularly have a look at the events calendar.


A special shout out to Quinn Griffin and Diane Rayor (CLA), Karen Matchett (CHM), Lisa Feurzeig (MUS), and their students who have already (at the time of writing) helped with CLAS’ collaborative voter registration work with NAACP and the Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Psi fraternities.  The Community Service Learning Center tells me you have already registered 142 people!  I’m delighted to know that Cynthia Thompson, Renee Zettle-Sterling, Paul Cornish, Kelly Parker, and Polly Diven have also expressed interest in helping as the work goes forward.  We had a feeling that the upcoming election is never far from faculty minds!  The students involved tell us that the support of those in CLAS has been important to them and at least a couple spontaneous hugs have been spotted.


In the midst of all this brilliant cultural and civic activity, I know you are signing up for inclusion advocate training, submitting budgets and FAPs, making arrangements for CLAS Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence visits, preparing facilities requests, grading midterms and more. 


You hold up the world, and just like every year, it is heavier than usual this month.  Yet let me ask one more thing—a sensibility more than any particular act.  Your students too are taking on new burdens.  If you have the opportunity to engage with a new student, it will be especially well timed.  Even if it takes the form of an invitation to your class to check out one of the cultural opportunities or to have a short class discussion on strategies for midterm success and stress relief, I think you’ll find that you have their attention.  And it may be worthwhile to remind them that voter registration for this election closes October 11.  No Laker voter left behind!




Important Information in a Very Busy Month


Rather than a feature article, we are cutting to the chase this month.  Here are two information sources that will be of wide interest.

The 2016-2017 Student Profile

One-pager on the additions to the Performing Arts Center to be completed in 2017

Faculty Election Too!


The national election is grabbing more headlines, but our Faculty Governance Election process is underway, too.