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Reminder: please wear your name badge to startup events Regalia  As mentioned in a recent Unit Head Mailing: Convocation on August 26 includes an academic procession (faculty and AP staff in regalia).  Just a reminder to bring your robes to campus (many people have them at home after commencement).  Need regalia?  It can be ordered through the University Bookstore.  Call 331-2450.  May take 4-6 weeks.  CLAS has one loaner robe and mortar board (contact    

Is Your Finger on the Pulse of GVSU? Take the quiz to see how up-to-date you are on Grand Valley.  Annual tuition at GVSU is $6,667 $7,251 $9,716 $11,722 The university operates on a base state appropriation that is what percentage of its operating budget? 75% 55% 22% 14% The number of full professors in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 99 109 124 135 CLAS faculty teach what percentage of the total student credit hours at GVSU? 51.5% 55.4% 64.6% 74.4% Dollar value of nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships snagged by CLAS students in 2010-11? $75,500 $95,000 $155,500 $250,000 Percentage of GVSU faculty and staff who participate in annual giving to GVSU? 51% 45% 42% 35%                                                                          

Answer key:  1) c,   2) d,   3) b,   4) c,    5) d,   6) a  

FROM THE DEAN'S DESK Frederick J. Antczak, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves.
~Adrienne Clarkson

Our newest faculty members may not yet know the jokes in Michigan that we have two seasons, Winter and Construction, or that the state flower is the orange cone.  Were that really the case, the campus would currently be quite the floral display.  In the almost miraculous way our facilities department manages these things, many of the projects will be completed in time for the start of the 2011-2012 academic year. Not everything can be finished so quickly of course so, as many of you probably suspected, the location of the lunch to follow our annual College of Liberal Arts & Sciences start up festivities must move-our customary location is now a construction zone.  Please mark your calendar-the CLAS Faculty and Staff meeting will be held in the Louis Armstrong Theatre in the Performing Arts Center at 10a.m. on Thursday, August 25.  Please wear your CLAS name badge.  I encourage everyone to attend this event to welcome our newest colleagues, congratulate the recently honored and promoted, hear from our provost and president, enjoy some wonderful music, and get a piece of the dean's mind. Grand Valley has been in the news this summer.   Film and Video Professor Kim Roberts and her talented students celebrated the YouTube and Vimeo launch of the Clark Retirement Center LipDub to Michael Buble's "Feelin' Good," flooding the media (from local radio to CNN to Inside Edition and the Today Show, and beyond) at just about the same time as the GVSU Trustee's announced the tuition increase.  If you caught the outcomes of the Trustees' meeting, you saw that the salary freeze has thawed.  Also announced was that Sandi Bacon has been conferred emeritus status (Director Emerita of Laboratory Support). In July we learned that Charlie Lowe of Writing has been bestowed two awards.  He is the recipient of the Computers and Composition Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award and the 7Cs Technology Innovator Award.  His innovative work in digital publishing is getting deserved recognition.  We also heard that student Dylan Moore was named a Benjamin A. Gilman Scholar by the U.S. Department of State.  Dylan will study in Rome at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies. The grants kept rolling in, too. Carl Ruetz at the Annis Water Resources Institute received a grant from the EPA's Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, and Elena Lioubimtseva of Geography and Planning, received a grant from the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement and GLISTEN.  Many more of you have been working very hard on grant applications.  We bid goodbye to the intriguing Psychology Department display-complete with a real brain-that spent half a year in the case just outside the doors of the college office.  Amy Masko has now installed a display about different aspects of the great and diverse work of our English Department.  When you are in MAK, why not pop up to see the display and say hello? I hope you follow the FORUM because your colleagues have also had quite a number of papers published over the summer and media interviews about everything from politics to Valerie Peterson's new book on sex and ethics.  I don't know if you have had a chance to read the Lanthorn over the summer, but CLAS has been well represented in articles on Peter Wampler in Geology to Patricia Clark's poetry.  Danielle Leek of Communications and Monica Johnstone in the college office have contributed Op/Ed columns. Allow me to project a little farther forward.  In September, we'll be able to provide you with one of the projects we've been working on, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences annual report.  This one is focused on teaching and learning in the college.  We'll share that link as soon as we have it, and you can request a hard copy if that format will be more useful for you. September will also see the kick off the Fall Arts Celebration.  Please join me in encouraging friends and neighbors in the community to take part in this celebration of the arts and humanities; Fall Arts engenders an increased appreciation for what we do at Grand Valley and what we bring to West Michigan.  In October, we'll see the return of some of our alumni in the Distinguished Alumni in Residence program (October 27-28). The next day, Mindgating, CLAS's contribution to Homecoming (October 29, 2011 ), will feature our anthropologists and archaeologists at the Homecoming Expo. Construction always seems like an apt metaphor for what goes on over the summer to prepare for another academic year.  I hope your projects are coming along well.  I look forward to seeing you on August 25, if not sooner. ~Fred P.S. By now you will have received the Provost's email regarding "Evaluation Results for Dean Antczak" which mentions that my goals for 2011-2012 will be distributed.    


What Deans Are Doing in August

Fred's preview of August looks like this: "I begin August by signing a raft of fall appointment letters.  I'm looking forward to the S3 Summer Showcase in Loosemore at 4:00 on August 4, will attend Deans' Council Meetings, will attend the Hoop House dedication, and then begin the exciting and traditional meetings leading to the beginning of the semester, including the New Faculty Social, New Faculty Orientation, the Unit Head Retreat, the FTLC Conference, our College meeting, and the Convocation.  Then we'll be back full steam in what looks to be a terrific year for GVSU and CLAS." AD Mary Schutten will participate in the two week Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Institute in Denver, CO in late July and early August. She will continue to coordinate the alignment process of units' existing strategic plan objectives with the CLAS strategic plan as well as transition that task to the portfolio of new Associate Dean Shaily Menon, and complete the Dean's Office review of this year's self-studies. She continues work on collaborative programming related to student teaching with the College of Education. She will also be completing for CLAS the Michigan Department of Education paperwork for the comprehensive major (CSAT) which is paired with the COE's special education major. She will also continue to implement and assess degree cognate substitution requests, support the timely reporting of final grades for the spring/summer semester; participate in fall start up activities including Transitions, facilitate the curricular fast track process for study abroad course designations, and serve as an academic advisor in the exercise science program. AD Shaily Menon will continue acquainting herself with her responsibilities. She will meet with various faculty and staff and with the New Lab Building Architect Selection Committee. In addition, she will participate in the S3 showcase with her S3 student, attend a Master's thesis defense, serve on a panel at New Faculty Orientation, and meet with the GenEd subcommittee on Ethical Reasoning. AD Gary Stark will be planning the annual unit heads retreat, monitoring Fall enrollments, supervising the  hiring of visiting and adjunct faculty, and facilitating the use of Digital Measures.  



G3 2012 Has Openings for Inspiring Professors

A committee led by Margo Dill of our Regional Math & Science Center is working to bring a very special new program to Grand Valley next summer: Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley (G3).  Kids 8 to 12 years old and their grandparent(s) will spend June 26-28, 2012 on campus learning from a fascinating array of hands-on sessions about college and each other. "In the first year, we expect about 100 to 150 campers," Margo explains.  The kids and their grandparent will take 90-180 minute workshops together.  "We need to recruit far in advance-- in fact, our brochure will go out this November, because marketing is important and these programs make a great holiday gift." "We hear from CMU and MSU that they find their programs strengthen the bond between the generations and that groups repeat from year to year.  Special relationships also form with other campers -some even leading the now grown-up kids wanting to attend the same university."  Faculty love it too and clamor to return each year to these explosively growing programs. The primary goal for GVSU will also be to strengthen this special generational bond through shared experiences.  A secondary aim is to create interest in the students about coming to Grand Valley when they are ready for college.  It is hoped this will become a very positive experience for our alumni to share with their families as well as a way to show the community our beautiful campus and some of what we do here. In fact, Margo is now actively recruiting the faculty to teach the 23 to 25 choices of seminars that will make up meat of the camp schedule.  She is looking for faculty from all disciplines who would like to present a 90 minute or 180 minute workshop appealing to young and old (though geared for 8-12 year olds).  A hands-on component is appropriate.  A small budget has been set aside for consumables and giveaways.  Faculty can limit the class size to whatever is manageable for the activity to be undertaken.  Grand Valley student helpers are an option.  The camp sessions can take place in facilities on the  Allendale campus and generous passing periods have been allowed to afford the time to check out the features of the campus along the way. A very wide variety of topics would be optimal, and faculty are urged to unleash their inner child, consider the age of the audience, and design appropriately.  Margo is the contact person for anyone considering participation (ph 1-2272).  The deadline is September 16, 2011. "I'm hoping that somebody knows something about the history of pirates or sunken treasure," Margo admits.