Recruit Impressions

“Grand Valley’s Police Academy standards are extremely high. Recruit applicants are stringently vetted. The instructors are all subject matter experts and provide instruction that is relevant and centric to modern policing. It was very clear from the beginning that Grand Valley cares very much about producing competent police officers that are mentally able and physically fit. What they do here, they do very well. This police academy is second to none.”

-  Jeremy Doerr, Recruit Commander, Class of 2019


"Entering the Grand Valley State University Police Academy, I certainly wondered as to how the academy had a 100% final exam pass rate as well as such a high job placement percentage. Now that I have been through it- I can see why. The instructors used are, without a doubt, experts in their fields and in their specific classes being taught and I could not have asked for a more educated as well as professional staff than was provided. In addition to the instructors, the academy’s administrative staff was always available for all recruits for any professional and/or personal issues, which certainly made it a more family and team-like feeling. The academy is a challenge indeed, but the instructors and staff help you day in and day out to ensure success both in the academy and in your future career. I am proud to say that I am a GVSU Police Academy Alumni, and you will be too."

 - Joseph Rohloff, Assistant Recruit Commander, Class of 2018


"Grand Valley State University was a great academy. It's reputation speaks for itself!  Not only does the academy meet the MCOLES standards, but it exceeds them. The cadre did a great job at preparing the recruits physically and mentally to hit the streets as a well rounded police officer. If you want to get the most out of an academy, Grand Valley is hands down the way to go."

 - Craig Holbrook, Assistant Recruit Commander, Class of 2017


"Grand Valley State University Police Academy is one of the most educational, professional, and exceptional academies in the state. The Police Academy will help to cultivate integrity and character while ensuring the fundamental qualities to carry out the law enforcement profession. The expectations and structure of the GVSU Police Academy are amongst the best in the state. Expect to be challenged, but succeed in the challenge and reap the rewards of being a Grand Valley State Police Academy graduate."

 - Chad Coulson, Recruit Commander, Class of 2016


"The Grand Valley State University Police Academy excels at preparing recruits for the law enforcement profession by exceeding the MCOLES minimum standards. The academy challenges recruits both physically and mentally. The staff and instructors are top notch, with most coming from the local law enforcement community. The professionalism instilled at the academy will stay with recruits their entire career, and the memories their entire lives."

 - Shane Ryke, Recruit Commander, Class of 2015


"The GVSU Police Academy was well rounded. It combined a good combination of physical and mental challenges along with scenarios based training that prepared recruits for a job. It was a great stepping stone and provided a great foundation of skills in law enforcement."

- Anthony Ysquierdo, Recruit Commander, Class of 2013


"The Grand Valley State University Police Academy is set up for recruits to be successful in the field. The instructors are highly respected and passionate about what they teach. The training and scenarios are set up challenge you with real life situations, that prepare you for a future in law enforcement. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this academy."

- Lindsey Moorehead, Recruit Commander, Class of 2009


"I entered into this program with a Bachelors degree in an entirely different discipline and my goal was to get the most out of this police academy. After studying hard, paying attention in class, and asking a lot of questions, I feel entirely confident and fully prepared to take the next step in my law enforcement career. Never in my life have I experienced anything this organized. The academy staff is diverse and passionate about what they teach; the director focuses on improving every aspect of your person.. The GVSU Police Academy gave me every opportunity to improve myself and learn as much as I could."

- Ian Morrison, Class of 2008


"The training and intensity of the Grand Valley State University Police Academy is ultimately most rewarding. The academy only utilizes the best instructors and academy staff, so I know that my fellow recruits and I are going to be the most prepared entering the law enforcement career field. Having the opportunity to attend this legendary academy is one of the greatest honors I've ever had."

- Matthew Batchelder, Recruit Commander, Class of 2008


"The greatest lesson the Police Academy taught me is that integrity and professionalism go together. The second most important lesson is that integrity and professionalism can't be taught in a class. The Police Academy exposes and refines these traits but it's up to each individual to find them in themselves."

- Jacob Mucha, Squad Leader, Class of 2008


"The Grand Valley State University Police Academy is a great tool. The skills I am learning will prepare me to be a competent police officer. The discipline learned will allow me to be a successful person."

- Michael Evink, Squad Leader, Class of 2008


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