Final approval for program and budget requests for the 2014 proposed MPBTP at GVSU was received on January 9, 2014. Due to the increase in hours to the MPBTP in 2014 (40 additional training hours), there will be a slight increase in cost per recruit from 2013.  The breakdown of costs for the 2014 MPBTP, if approved, are estimated at:

Tuition for two 3-credit classes:  $2,826.00

Student fee:  $800.00

Uniform costs:  $223.13

Housing on campus:  $500 - $600

The 2013 MPBTP was approved through the Veterans' Administration for use of educational benefits.  The 2014 and 2015 MPBTP maintains the same certification status through the VA and recruits enrolled will be eligible to use the educational benefits earned through military service.

Page last modified April 13, 2015