Heading: Get Involved

Kirkhof Center

Subheading: Neighbors For Justice

Neighbors for Justice is a student-led initiative where students are empowered to share their authentic selves, be vulnerable, and challenge their preconceived notions. This space will promote continued education where students can learn the values of listening, leadership, sustainability, and justice.

To get involved, stop by Area 51 (downstairs Kirkhof) at 9 p.m. on Mondays or contact Diana Bullen (bullend@mail.gvsu.edu) for more information!

Subheading: Campus Resources

Intersection Dialogue Spaces, sponsored by the Division of Inclusion &  Equity Social Justice Centers. The social justice centers are committed to creating inclusive spaces for dialogue and discussion. Each center hosts a regular series open to the community. Students, faculty, and staff can expect open, honest discussions about culture, identity, and current events.

A variety of dialogue driven events are hosted by the Office of Student Life. Of particular interest might be the Community Service Learning Center, which sponsors a number of events and resources for how dialogue helps to create stronger communities. The CSLC prepares students to become active, global citizens who are committed to a life of community engagement and democratic participation.

Check in with the Hauenstein Center’s Common Ground Initiative which prepares a new generation of leaders to work constructively with people from diverse cultures and different worldviews. The initiative brings politically conservative and progressive people together for balanced, fair-minded discussion.