Collaborate with a Community Organization

Community-based learning (CBL) courses meet the following criteria:

  • Learning objectives: The learning objectives in the syllabus articulate the specific interaction with the community partner.
  • Application and integration: Guided by their instructor and working with a community partner, students engage with a community issue, integrating theory and practice.
  • Reciprocity: The community experience seeks to offer value to the community partner as well as to the students.
  • Reflection: Students participate in an articulated reflection process around the ethical and civic dimensions of the community experience, the discipline, and themselves.

In the spirit of partnership and reciprocity, faculty members from diverse disciplines have engaged their students in community projects and initiatives throughout West Michigan and beyond. These community-based learning courses help prepare students for both careers and civic participation in a democratic society. Community partners may include nonprofit organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, businesses, and industry.

To learn more or to be connected with an organization seeking to partner, please contact Suzeanna Benet, at

Click here to view examples of collaboration between GVSU and the community.

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