North Star Reach volunteer opportunities

North Star Reach volunteer opportunities

North Star Reach is a new universally accessible camp that serves children with serious health challenges and their families!

Summer 2017 volunteer position descriptions include:

Family Camp Counselors (For family camp, but you already knew that):

  • Like Utility Players, family camp counselors take on all sorts of responsibilities during weekend programs
  • Sometimes they play with kids, sometimes they lead activities, sometimes they set up and sometimes they clean up; they’re human Swiss Army Knives or the Everlasting Gobstoppers of camp; a little of this, a little of that and at the core lots and lots of fun


Cabin Leaders (for Summer Camp):

  • Provide daily and nightly support and care to a cabin of six to ten campers of a similar age, typically with one to three other adults
  • Are responsible for the general safety and well-being of campers with a focus on our intentional camp outcomes
  • Live in a cabin with their kids and travel to cabin activities with them, assisting in program implementation, all while fostering a family-like atmosphere for campers in the cabin group
  • Have been known to battle pirates and mermaids, defend forts, eat s’mores and answer knock-knock jokes all in the course of a single day


Support Directors (for summer camp):

  • Provide support and supervision for the Cabin Leaders and Campers in a Constellation, or group of cabins
  • Have the prowess of a ninja and the patience of a therapy dog
  • Work behind-the-scenes organizing and leading evening programs, and supporting individual campers, volunteers and their cabins


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