Cardiovascular Sonography, Diagnostic Medical Sonography & Radiation Therapy Programs 2023 Application

Cardiovascular Sonography (CVS)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)
Radiation Therapy (RT)

The CVS, DMS, and RT Programs at GVSU are competitive, require admission to GVSU, completion of a secondary application, and corresponding materials.  Applicants must complete the prerequisites and all general education courses (excluding two Issue courses) prior to the start of the program.  Applicants may apply while courses are in progress.  There are no waitlists for these programs.

Application Deadline:  February 1, 2023
Late Applications will not be considered.

Program start:  Fall Semester 2023

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Applicant Information

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Academic Information

If Yes, you must submit additional information explaining the nature of the crime, relevant facts, and the name, address, and telephone number of your corrections officer. You may be required to meet with a program representative.

Please Note: Individuals who have been involved in a criminal proceeding or charged with or convicted of a crime might not be eligible for national certification by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) or American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Students are strongly advised to work with either the ARDMS (CVS/DMS) for pre-application review of eligibility for certification from the ARDMS website or by calling (301) 738-8401 or with the ARRT (RT) for pre-application review of eligibility for certification from the ARRT website (Ethics, Pre-Application Process) or by calling (651) 687-0048.

Application Information

Students must be admitted to Grand Valley State University prior to the program application deadline:  GVSU Admissions Undergraduate Application

Official and updated copies of ALL non-GVSU transcripts need to be sent directly to the Admissions Office at:
Grand Valley State University
Attn: Admissions Office
1 Campus Drive - 150 STU
Allendale, MI 49401
[email protected]
All program application materials must be attached to this electronic application or submitted via email:  [email protected]

If mailing materials is necessary, materials must be postmarked by February 1.
College of Health Professions - Student Services
Grand Valley State University 
301 Michigan St NE, Suite #113
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3314

Questions?  (616) 331-5900

Program Application Materials - Checklist

The following materials must be submitted and criteria met for your application to be considered complete:

Two Recommendations on program specific forms are required.  Please list the names of your recommenders below so the appropriate forms can be matched to your application when received in our office.

Recommendation Form

Applicant Electronic Signature: *

I have reviewed the requirements for admittance into the respective program(s) and understand that the completion of this application does not guarantee that I will be accepted into the program.

Furthermore, if I am not currently enrolled at GVSU or am enrolled but have not yet taken GVSU classes and have not met with a College of Health Profession (CHP) academic advisor, I should:

  1. Meet with a CHP academic advisor as soon as possible to review my transfer course equivalencies and program eligibility.
  2. Go online or call the CHP Student Services Office at (616) 331-5900 to set up a prospective student advising appointment.

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