NAEYC Standard 8.C states that:
The program encourages staff to participate in joint and collaborative training activities or events with neighboring early childhood programs and other community service agencies.
8.C.03 - 
The program encourages staff and families to work together to participate in and support community improvement or advocacy projects.
8.C.04 - 
Program leadership builds mutual relationships and communicates regularly with close neighbors, informing them about the program, seeking out their perspectives, involving them in the program as appropriate, and cooperating with them on neighborhood interests and needs.
8.C.05 - 
Program staff are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in community or statewide interagency councils or service integration efforts

The CEC ensures compliance with this criteria by contributing to the success of the surrounding community. 

Some examples of our community involvement include (see photos) preparing meals for the Spectrum Hospital Renucci Hospitality House, decorating sack supper bags for the Kids Food Basket and partnering with the Allendale Library to facilitate Child Sexual Abuse prevention trainings.


The CEC values “community” and we are dedicated to doing our part to make a difference.


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