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Jonika Forbes Benjamin '18

Jonika Forbes Benjamin '18

What is your current position and what do you find exciting about it?

I am a Quality Control Chemist at Epredia, a company that provides solutions and groundbreaking technologies that transforms the anatomical and pathological cancer diagnostic market. Each day I use: UV-Vis analysis, Atomic Absorption, Chromatography and other techniques to test stains, waxes, glues, dyes, oils, solvents and hazardous material. I feel like I am a part of team and my work really makes a difference in ensuring the quality of the products our customers receive.

How did your GVSU chemistry degree help you prepare for your position?

Grand Valley’s hands-on lab courses and opportunities for student research with faculty gave me a solid foundation of wet lab experience when I entered the workplace. The hands-on lab courses were a good introduction to many of the techniques I use daily and provided a foundation for the skills I learned on the job.

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