Wallar and Powers collaborate on two papers

Wallar and Powers collaborate on two papers

Chemistry professors Rachel Powers and Brad Wallar have recently published two back-to-back papers in the journal ACS Infectious Diseases.  The articles feature work by undergraduate students Alexander Bouza, Hollister Swanson, Kali Smolen and Alison VanDine, and was carried out with collaborators from Case Western Reserve University and the University of Siena (Modena, Italy).  

Structure-Based Analysis of Boronic Acids as Inhibitors of Acinetobacter-Derived Cephalosporinase-7, a Unique Class C β-Lactamase

Inhibition of Acinetobacter-Derived Cephalosporinase: Exploring the Carboxylate Recognition Site Using Novel β-Lactamase Inhibitors

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Page last modified January 11, 2018