Laker Effect Challenge Poster Session Guidelines

Posters typically need to get right to the heart of the matter. Because viewers take only a few minutes to decide whether to study your poster in detail, you need to catch their attention and present the most important information and results of your work. Deciding what to include, then, is a key element in your poster's success.

Poster Content

Viviana & Kaitlin

Information that must be included:

  • The Project Title, Presenter, and College of Discipline/Major 
  • Introduction of the Community Collaborator
  • Describe the relationship and how the project mutually benefits GVSU and the Collaborator
  • Describe how the Collaborator has been engaged in creating the idea or project framework
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve and how does this problem impact the community?
  • How will implementing this project solve the problem?
  • What funding are you asking for? How will this funding be used? How will using this funding “move the needle” on solving the problem, i.e. what IMPACT will implementation of this project have?
  • How will/could this IMPACT be sustained?
  • What will the new world look like?

Presenter Expectations

  • Poster must be brought to the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence, Zumberge Hall 049, by 5:00pm on April 11, 2018.
  • On April 12, presenters must be present at the start of Challenge (at 6:00pm), and at their poster immediately after the competing presentations are completed (approximately 7:00pm), and remain at their posters until the event reconvenes to announce the presentation winners (approximately 7:30pm).
  • Posters must be taken down by 9:00pm on April 12.
  • Any posters left will be held for one week at the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence before disposal

Poster Guidelines

  • Posters cannot be larger than 3 feet in height by 4 feet wide (36” x 48”)
  • Posters must be self-contained on a single sheet
  • You may print your poster on a single piece of paper or mount it on a single sheet of poster board
  • For presentations involving Human Subjects and/or Animal Research, include this statement on your poster: This project has been approved by Grand Valley State University’s {HRRC or IACUC}, {approval number}, {expiration date}
  • Easels, backboards, magnets, poster tacks, clips, and/or Velcro strips will be provided to affix your poster on the day of the event

Poster Tips

Nate Colvin

  • Use white spaces to separate different poster sections and group related information by color or in the same box
  • A large font title should be placed at the very top of the poster
  • Use figures and pictures to tell your story
  • Minimize the amount of text and use a large enough font for viewers to read your poster from 6 feet away. Ideally you should use less than 800 words and avoid large blocks of text
  • Organize required information in a logical progression
  • Start early and revise your poster often. Work through several rough drafts before finalizing your poster
  • Look at examples of other posters; Google it!
  • Practice a short (2-5 minute) summary of your poster that you can give to viewers
  • See Colin Purrington's website on poster design (including templates):
  • Further Resources on Creating a Poster
  • Check out this PowerPoint Presentation from the Fred Meijer Center for Writing & Michigan Authors for more tips

Poster Printing Tips

These tips are for using the plotter. The plotter is located in the Mary Idema Pew Library. The cost to use the plotter is $25.00 which covers the cost of one print. This cost must be paid by each presenter. If you are paying out of pocket you need to pay at the cashier in Student Services. The IT Helpdesk will no longer take IDCs for payment. Please notify your department to contact the IT Helpdesk if they are covering your cost. The plotter will be available any time the Help Desk is staffed (which should be all hours the Library is open).

  • Stop at the IT Help Desk and they will assist you with printing your poster
  • You should print a test page using the “Scale to fit” option to make sure your poster prints without any issues. If you are satisfied with this printing then proceed with your print
  • Contact the IT Help Desk at 616-331-2101 or with questions

You may also be interested in the Digital Print Shop at GVSU.

Page last modified February 16, 2018