Workshop on Mandating Vaccines in the Workplace

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Dr. Alejandro Quiroga (MD, MBA) :  Senior Vice President Population Health at Spectrum Health
Erik Daly, JD:  Corporate / M&A Member at Miller Johnson
Michael DeWilde:  Director of the Koeze Business Ethics Initiative at GVSU


Should businesses and organizations mandate Covid-19 vaccines for their employees? What are the legal, financial, morale and health ramifications if they do? if they don't? Do they have a greater obligation to respect their employees' autonomy, or a greater obligation to wider public health concerns? Are they more likely to gain or lose employees (and customers) if they issue a mandate?  Join us Thursday Oct. 7th as three experts from medicine, law and ethics, respectively, take up the issues that attend to vaccine mandates.  Dr. Alejandro Quiroga (MD, MBA) is SVP of Population Health at Spectrum Health and a noted pediatric nephrologist.  Erik Daly, JD, practices law at Miller Johnson, and is a member of the firm’s business section and has been practicing corporate law since 2007.  Michael DeWilde is the Director of the Koeze Business Ethics Initiative, housed within the  Seidman College of Business at GVSU, and is also a professor of Management in the College.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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